Lucky’s Big Decision: Will He Reveal Jake as Jason?

LuckytruthNikolas may have a shred of decency left in him. After seeing Nik tell his brother Lucky the truth about Jason Morgan, maybe there is hope for him yet. What made Nikolas feel compelled to tell Lucky the truth? He told Luyxky that he wanted him to know, that no matter what his decision, the boys were in good hands. Whether or not Lucky stayed in Port Charles, Nikolas was trying to reassure him that Cameron, Aiden, and Jake, would be alright, either with Lucky, or with Jake as he is really Jason Morgan.

Nikolas is trying to rationalize his and Elizabeth’s decision to keep Jake’s identity a secret by using the fact that Sam is now with Patrick, and everyone who loved Jason has moved on. Lucky may not see things the same way. General Hospital spoilers reveal that at the end of Tuesday’s episode, Lucky was shown at Liz’s porch, ready to knock. When he saw Elizabeth, Jake (Jason), and little Jake inside playing happily, he turned away. That doesn’t mean that is the end of it. Lucky could still have a change of heart. Knowing that Jonathan Jackson is returning to Nashville makes fans well aware that Lucky Spencer won’t be sticking around Port Charles. That being said, perhaps Lucky will want Jake to know he is Jason, so that he can take care of little Jake while knowing he is his biological son.

Do you think Lucky will do the right thing and tell the truth about Jake’s true identity, or will he justify keeping the secret as Nik and Liz have?