Molly’s in Danger!

As it gets closer to the 4th of July, we know that General Hospital is going to be explosive! Fans are on edge with the rumors surrounding the 4th of July events in Port Charles.

Fans are anxiously anticipating rumors involving  a car accident with some of the Port Charles residents.According to recent spoilers, it has been noted that the General Hospital staff will be busy taking care of  car accident victims. There are rumors that imply Molly is in danger and that Rafe dies. During the discussion between Molly and Rafe the other day, Rafe apologized for acting out of jealousy and messing things up for her and TJ. They mended their friendship although Molly has no idea of Rafe’s recent drug use. Perhaps the two will get in a car together with Rafe being under the influence and be involved in an accident.

Here’s to hoping Molly and Rafe make it through this dramatic week!