Nikolas Hasn’t Been Himself: What’s Really Going on With the Prince?

NikPrince Nikolas Cassadine (Tyler Christopher) has never lived up to his family name. He was never the evil, ruthless, villain, he just never harbored those characteristics. His personality was quite different from Helena, Victor, and Stefan for example. Nikolas was a good man, an honest man, and compassionate. Recently he has been acting out of character… blackmailing people, hiding the truth from his loved ones, helping Helena keep the secret about Jake being Jason Morgan, and trying to take ELQ right from under Michael.

That being said, fans have been wndering, “What is really going on with Nikolas Cassadine?’ A little while back, he had mentioned that he had been betrayed and perhaps that has hardened him. He started changing briefly after he found out that Britt had been lying to him about SPencer’s disappearance. Could that be the cause of his ut of character behavior? Some think so. Some think that Nik has been burned too many times, and he feels used and taken advantage of, causing him to act out, and make himself feel superior again.

Others believe there is more to it than that. His grandmother, Helena (Constance Towers), is known for her mind games. She has conditioned minds in the distant and recent past to act on her every command. It’s a possibility that Nikolas has been conditioned by his grandmother. Lying to his cousin Sam about Jake/Jason is not something the old Nik would do… and he certainly wouldn’t out a hit out on a woman just to keep her mouth shut as he did with Hayden Barnes (Rebecca Budig).

Could this total 180 in personality be the result of a man’s heart scorned, or could Nikolas be under Helena’s control?

We want to know where you think this story is going. Please leave you thoughts in the comment section.

Photo from: soapcentral.com