Nina and Ava’s First Encounter: Who Will Win the Baby Battle?

For the first time since Nina learned that her husband Silas Clay was cheating on her with Ava Jerome, the two battling ladies came face to face. It has been over 20 years since Nina found out that her husband had a mistress named Ava Jerome. In that time, Nina spent 20 years in a coma after her mother drugged her and caused her to lose her baby. Nina, Silas, and some loved ones believe that Nina miscarried her child when she went into a coma.

We have reason to believe that the fact that Nina “lost her child” could have another meaning. It’s true, that right now Nina does not have a child, but maybe she didn’t lose her to an unfortunate miscarriage. Perhaps Nina’s baby was “lost” because Ava has her child… and that child just might be Kiki.

Who will come out on top when these two duke it out over a child? Will Nina try to steal Ava’s baby that she is currently carrying, or will Nina find out that Kiki has been her own daughter all along?