Olivia and Ned Get Closer

Sonny always manages to hurt the people around him. His destruction knows no limits. It doesn’t matter if it’s his children that he hurts, his flavor of the week woman, his best friend, or his worst enemy. There always comes a point in his relationships where Sonny ends up hurting someone emotionally, or they are physically injured as a result of his business.

Sonny has hurt the Mother of his child yet again. No, we aren’t talking about Carly this time, but Olivia. Sonny cheated on Olivia with Ava Jerome and the situation goes so much deeper than just cheating. The reasoning behind the hook up may even be more reason to be angry than the act of cheating itself. Ava and Sonny are both involved in the killing of AJ Quartermaine. Olivia is hurt deeper than she could have imagined just by knowing Sonny slept with Ava. After a night of drowning her sorrows in alcohol, the damsel in distress was rescued by her knight in shining armor, Ned. He saved her from drunk dialing an animal shelter and adopting all the adorable puppies… which would result in Carly being very angry with their new “doggie hotel.” He was there for her as a shoulder to cry on and to hold back her hair when she was too drunk to do it herself. He gave her a nice warm place to sleep, and a listening ear. In the morning, Olivia thanked Ned for his hospitality and let him know that Lois was crazy for letting him get away.

Even though Sonny is the one who destroyed his relationship with Ava, when he finds out about Ned and Olivia’s new found friendship, it’s almost certain that he will take his temper to his usual level 10.

Will this be the beginning of a beautiful love story for Ned and Olivia? Seems like they have already started on the right foot. Man saves woman from emotional despair… doesn’t get much more romantic than that.

Do you think Ned and Olivia could be the next hot couple on GH?