Sonny and Connie Make Love

Sonny and Connie spent Valentine’s Day together. Connie finally heard the words she has been hoping to hear out of Sonny. “I want you,” is what he said to her before they kissed and made their way to a private room at The Haunted Star. Sonny has a lot to deal with when it comes to Connie. She loves him, she hates him, she tries to sabotage him, she supports him. Despite everything Connie has done, Sonny reassures her that he is by her side when she expresses her fear. Connie tells him this is the happiest she has been in her whole life. This makes us wonder how long the bliss between Sonny and Connie can last. Previews mention the return of Kate very soon. Will this be the end of Connie?






Photo from: ittzmeekayy.tumblr.com