Lulu Receives the Original Ice Princess

Lulu received a mysterious gift. When she opened it, she and Dante thought it was strange and brushed it off as a joke. When Dante and Lulu ran into her parents, Luke and Laura, Lulu showed them the “black rock,.” or as Lulu referred to it as a “burnt cake pop.” Both had shocked looks on their faces and asked Lulu where she got that from. Dante and Lulu admitted that they didn’t know where it came from. Is this the new beginning of Helena’s reign of terror? The Cassadines were responsible for this little rock way back long ago when it almost froze the world. Will history repeat itself or will things be even worse this time around? With the Ice Princess resurfacing, this could also mean that more Cassadines will be resurfacing as well. Helena’s true motive will eventually be revealed.