Congratulations to Tony Geary On His Big Emmy Win!

Another Daytime Emmy of tonight’s award show goes to ABC’s General Hospital as the legendary, Anthony Geary wins a 2015 Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series.

Among the many Geary thanked in his acceptance speech, he addressed GH’s Executive Producer, Frank Valentini for the extraordinary story line he was given this past year as Luke Spencer battles with deeply repressed memories of an abusive childhood. The story of Fluke was the hottest topic in daytime for the majority of 2014, and the first 4 months of our current year.

General Hospital Blog would like to recognize Anthony Geary as he was recognized tonight at the Emmys, and congratulate him on his enormous talent as an actor.





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General Hospital Rumors: Sonny Didn’t Kill AJ…

In the midst of all the mayhem and revelations coming to light in Port Charles, there may just be more truths that are about to be disclosed. For a long time now,General Hospital rumors have been circulating social media sites, claiming that Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) did not kill AJ Quartermaine (Sean Kanan).

Does this mean that AJ is alive? Although that is one rumor floating around, it’s highly unlikely. It’s unlikely because actor Sean Kanan has since joined another soap, on another network. What it COULD mean though is that when Sonny shot AJ, it wasn’t his bullet that killed Michael’s father.

Sonny and Michael’s relationship is so far gone after Sonny killed AJ that it looks as though there is no sign of reconciliation. Even after Sonny risked his life, busted out of Pentonville, and saved Michael (Chad Duell) and the rest of the people on The Haunted Star, Michael still won’t see passed what he did to AJ. However, if it were to come out that AJ did not die by the hands of Sonny, would Michael be able to forgive Sonny? The GH rumor is that Fluke actually is the one who finished the job. Since he wants his hands all over ELQ, getting rid of AJ would get him one step closer to having control.

Even though Sonny was pardoned, he still lives with the guilt of hurting Michael by what he had done, and Michael still knows that Sonny killed his father and lied to him about it. But if it were to come out that someone else caused AJ’s death, perhaps Sonny and Michael would be able to reconcile.

Did Sonny Save Everyone Except Himself?

February Sweeps has brought some extreme stories to General Hospital. The residents of Port Charles have been faced with a multitude of danger, all by the hands of Helena Cassadine. Helena has always been a feared villain in Port Charles, having a tight grip on the weakness of those she preys on. The Cassadine/Spencer family feud has been going on for decades, and this time Helena’s target is as direct as it gets. She has taken control of the head of the Spencer family, Luke.

Helena has put Luke in the position of hurting those he loves in Port Charles, along with controlling Jason Morgan with mind conditioning to do the same. As a result, their lives are at stake. After piecing some theories together, Julian Jerome and Sonny Corinthos joined forces and decided to break out of Pentonville for the sake of saving their sons. Fluke gave Sonny a warning that Michael and Lucas would be targeted in his evil scheme. Well Sonny does nothing better than protecting the ones he loves and at that moment he knew he had to act fast.

Now that Sonny took the bomb and all the people who were in attendance at The Haunted Star are safe, Sonny’s status of survival is uncertain. Saving everyone just may have made his son Michael realize that there is still good in Sonny, and that he truly does love him. Will it be too late for Sonny and Michael to reconcile?

In a recent report regarding the status of Maurice Benard’s contract with General Hospital, General Hospital spoilers revealed that Maurice stated he isn’t going anywhere and he will be staying at GH for another year. He signed another contract with the show, guaranteeing that Sonny stay with us.

Although today’s episode of GH with Sonny taking the bomb, and not knowing if he got away in time is undeniably mystifying and dramatic, it’s most likely just to keep the audience on their toes. There is no news of Maurice leaving his role as Sonny, therefore it’s highly unlikely that Sonny will die in this February Sweeps story.

What do you all think? Is Sonny going to die after saving everyone at The Haunted Star?



WATCH NOW! ABC Eyewitness News: Tony Geary’s Journey Back to General Hospital

As General Hospital, Tony Geary, and Luke Spencer fans, we know that it has been a long road to recovery for the legendary GH actor. Anthony Geary underwent invasive back surgery, causing him to be unable to work on the set of General Hospital for several months. At one point, he wasn’t certain if he would ever be able to return to his role as the iconic Lucas Lorenzo Spencer, on ABC’s General Hospital.

Anthony Geary sat down with ABC’s Sandy Kenyon, a huge fan of General Hospital, to discuss the challenge of his medical condition and the effect it had on his work on GH. Geary talks about Luke’s current story line, involving his alter ego, Fluke, aka Fake Luke.

Listen closely as Sandy Kenyon discloses a HUGE General Hospital spoiler, revealing that Fluke is indeed all in Luke’s mind. There you have it fans, Luke is Fluke!

In the video, we also learn that Sandy Kenyon has filmed a cameo role on General Hospital!

Check it all out below!


GH Getting Closer to Unveiling the Fluke Mystery

General Hospital has never had a better kept secret. Fan reactions range from all ends of the spectrum when discussing the never ending Fluke mystery. For a year now, residents of Port Charles along with General Hospital fans have been wondering who in the world could be impersonating Luke Spencer.

As far as the majority of the PC residents go, they think that Cesar Faison was the one duping the town for all those months. We the audience know that is not the case. Julian Jerome also knows that Cesar Faison is not actually Fluke, but merely a decoy to throw off Anna and the rest of the PCPD along with Tracy and Luke’s family and friends.

Luke’s sister, Bobbie Spencer has always had a close relationship with him. The two siblings have been through a lot together throughout the years. On today’s episode of GH, Bobbie was talking to who she thought was her brother. Unknowingly to Bobbie, he is still an impostor. In conversation, Bobbie brought up their cousin, Bill Eckert. Bill and Luke never really saw eye to eye, although the two were identical cousins. (Strange, we know). Judging from Fake Luke’s reaction when Bobbie was talking about Bill in a negative way, even bringing up the way he treated his son Sly, there is reason to believe that the Luke impostor may be Bill, Sly, or have some ties to that story line involvement.

General Hospital rumors have claimed Bill Eckert to be a great explanation for someone being able to run around town with Luke’s face and body for all this time. Since there wouldn’t have to be any plastic surgery or masks involved, it seems to make perfect sense. Of course, like every other theory fans have had, there are holes in this one as well. Such as the fact that Bill Eckert died some time ago. We all know that soap opera death is never permanent, and there is a very likely chance that Bill could have resurrected from the dead and stolen his identical cousin’s identity -and life.

Do you think the writers are getting closer to revealing Fluke’s true identity? Could Bobbie and Fluke’s scene today have dropped the bomb? Let us know if you think Fluke is actually Bill Eckert.



The Spencers Are Keeping A Secret!

Just as we thought the whole Fluke story couldn’t get any more frustrating and complicated, it turns out that a new aspect in the story does just that.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that for the week of January 5th, the audience will learn that the Spencer family is hiding a secret. Luke’s sister Bobbie Spencer, has a conversation with Fluke, and they are in deep discussion about an old family secret that has been kept under wraps for many years.

General Hospital spoilers also state that Bobbie shares a secret with her grandson, Michael Corinthos, who is now working on turning the old Brownstones into a clinic. Does Bobbie’s secret have anything to do with that old building?



Helena’s Mind Control: Does ‘Fluke’ Even Exist?

For almost a year, General Hospital fans have been battling with their brains, (and the writing team over at GH), trying to wrap their heads around this entire ‘Fluke’ story line. For many months there have been General Hospital rumors and speculations in regard to who is impersonating Luke Spencer. We the audience know that Helena has him locked up, has had him kept away from his family and loved ones, and he has been continuously drugged.

GH rumors have pointed the finger at many past and present characters and villains. Bill Eckert, Cesar Faison (which we know now was only a decoy), Jerry Jacks, Anthony Zacchara, Larry Ashton, to name a few. Still, there are too many holes in those theories for the vast majority of the fans to settle on one.

When Faison was in the interrogation room with Anna, he brought up Helena and how the two of them kidnapped Lucky and tried to condition his mind. Why did he bring that up? There is reason to believe that it was more than just to torment Anna with the possibility of her being under his spell and fall in love with him. Anna knows better. He tried that with her in the past, and it didn’t work. Faison went on to question whether or not Helena has perfected the art of mind control. This entire back story about Lucky gives good reason to believe that Helena is up to some old tricks.

What if ‘Fluke’ doesn’t actually exist? In the physical sense that is. Perhaps Helena has in fact perfected her art of mind control. We have seen the result of her conditioning so far in Jason Morgan. She tells him what to do and he goes out and does it. He later forgets that a certain series of events ever took place, and he forgets that Helena was ever involved. Now, that being said, what if Fluke is all in Luke’s head? Earlier in the year, when Fake Luke was acting “off” in Port Charles, that could have been because Helena’s mind control still needed a little work. Now that Fluke is back, and acting more like Luke than before, it’s possible that Helena just needed some more time to perfect her hold on Luke Spencer’s mind.

It’s entirely probable that Luke Spencer takes orders from Helena, and doesn’t remember what he has done once his tasks are through. Could Luke have an alter personality due to Helena’s mind control? At this point in the story, anything is possible, even playing around with the idea that Fake Luke isn’t another person at all. Is Fluke just Luke under Helena’s mind control?

Weigh in and let General Hospital Blog know what you think about this theory.


Fluke May Be Behind Literally EVERYTHING

Did you ever take a moment to think about ALL of the “bad” things that have been going on in Port Charles recently?

Let’s start with Nina Clay coming into town, and coming from the Crichton-Clark Clinic where she spent most of her time in a coma. Her mother, Madeline Reeves, who is Leisl Obrecht’s sister is responsible for what happened to Nina. Obrecht also had relations with a Cassadine. Victor is said to be Detective Nathan West’s father. Nina would also be connected to Victor Cassadine because of her stay at the clinic. Nina targeted Rafe, the nephew of her unfaithful husband, Silas Clay. In turn, Victor Cassadine was the one who told Rafe to run Patrick and Sabrina off the road to threaten Robin’s (daughter of Robert Scorpio and Anna DeVane) family. Today Maxie and Lulu figured out that Levi is actually the son of Felicia’s ex fiance, Peter Harrell. They called him out as wanting revenge against Felicia. Levi admitted that the jewels were just a bonus to what Maxie and Lulu have coming to them.

Luke and Holly took part in aiding Frisco and Felicia when Peter Harrell was after Felicia and her Aztec treasure. Levi disclosed to the girls that both of their sets of parents played a role in causing his father to live his life as a fugitive. He then warned Lulu that she was also part of this plan for another reason, and that there is something much different in store for her. Since Victor is working on the revival of Helena and Stavros Cassadine, it would make complete sense that Stavros wants Lulu all to himself. After kidnapping Lulu last year, and brainwashing her to think she was married to him, Stavros got a rude awakening when Lulu was saved by her loved ones. He was killed and now remains frozen in a cryogenic chamber. Levi (Peter Harrell Jr.) has plans for Lulu. What if he is going to take her to Crichton-Clark on Victor’s orders? Rumors have been circulating that Levi is headed to meet with Victor.

What if the Fake Luke, aka FLUKE is this Peter Harrell person? What if all these story lines are tying into one BIG story line that will rock the entire town of Port Charles? Have you ever thought about why Tracy cannot get a hold of Fluke when she is calling him to let him know his daughter has been kidnapped? Maybe it’s because Fluke already knows she has been kidnapped, because he is the one giving all the orders. After all, we all know that Lulu isn’t really “Fluke’s” daughter…

It seems as if Fluke is causing a trickle down or domino effect with the bad things that have been happening to the residents of Port Charles. With small connections like Nina to Crichton-Clark, Victor to Nina and Nina to Rafe, Victor Cassadine to Robin Scorpio, her father Robert Scorpio, Robin to Patrick, Sabrina, Emma, and Sabrina’s baby, Stavros Cassadine to Victor at Crichton-Clark, Levi to Maxie and Lulu, Levi (Peter) to his father Peter Harrell and Peter to Felicia Jones, Maxie to her parents Frisco and Felicia, and ultimately, Lulu to her father Luke… and so on.

Are these connections more than a coincidence or is one man behind all the drama?

Please weigh in and let us know what you think. Where do you think this story is headed? Is it possible that Peter Harrell is the fake Luke and is behind all the chaos in Port Charles?