Did Sonny Save Everyone Except Himself?

February Sweeps has brought some extreme stories to General Hospital. The residents of Port Charles have been faced with a multitude of danger, all by the hands of Helena Cassadine. Helena has always been a feared villain in Port Charles, having a tight grip on the weakness of those she preys on. The Cassadine/Spencer family feud has been going on for decades, and this time Helena’s target is as direct as it gets. She has taken control of the head of the Spencer family, Luke.

Helena has put Luke in the position of hurting those he loves in Port Charles, along with controlling Jason Morgan with mind conditioning to do the same. As a result, their lives are at stake. After piecing some theories together, Julian Jerome and Sonny Corinthos joined forces and decided to break out of Pentonville for the sake of saving their sons. Fluke gave Sonny a warning that Michael and Lucas would be targeted in his evil scheme. Well Sonny does nothing better than protecting the ones he loves and at that moment he knew he had to act fast.

Now that Sonny took the bomb and all the people who were in attendance at The Haunted Star are safe, Sonny’s status of survival is uncertain. Saving everyone just may have made his son Michael realize that there is still good in Sonny, and that he truly does love him. Will it be too late for Sonny and Michael to reconcile?

In a recent report regarding the status of Maurice Benard’s contract with General Hospital, General Hospital spoilers revealed that Maurice stated he isn’t going anywhere and he will be staying at GH for another year. He signed another contract with the show, guaranteeing that Sonny stay with us.

Although today’s episode of GH with Sonny taking the bomb, and not knowing if he got away in time is undeniably mystifying and dramatic, it’s most likely just to keep the audience on their toes. There is no news of Maurice leaving his role as Sonny, therefore it’s highly unlikely that Sonny will die in this February Sweeps story.

What do you all think? Is Sonny going to die after saving everyone at The Haunted Star?