WATCH NOW! ABC Eyewitness News: Tony Geary’s Journey Back to General Hospital

As General Hospital, Tony Geary, and Luke Spencer fans, we know that it has been a long road to recovery for the legendary GH actor. Anthony Geary underwent invasive back surgery, causing him to be unable to work on the set of General Hospital for several months. At one point, he wasn’t certain if he would ever be able to return to his role as the iconic Lucas Lorenzo Spencer, on ABC’s General Hospital.

Anthony Geary sat down with ABC’s Sandy Kenyon, a huge fan of General Hospital, to discuss the challenge of his medical condition and the effect it had on his work on GH. Geary talks about Luke’s current story line, involving his alter ego, Fluke, aka Fake Luke.

Listen closely as Sandy Kenyon discloses a HUGE General Hospital spoiler, revealing that Fluke is indeed all in Luke’s mind. There you have it fans, Luke is Fluke!

In the video, we also learn that Sandy Kenyon has filmed a cameo role on General Hospital!

Check it all out below!