General Hospital News and Spoilers: Maurice Benard Reveals Upcoming Guest, This Blast From The Past Sends Fans Back To The Golden Era

Maurice Benard reveals upcoming guest
Maurice Benard reveals upcoming guest

Maybe it’s just me but I find that nostalgia has a way of bringing communities together. Like, when you and a life long friend begin to reminisce about the days of old, and reflect on the good times. In doing so we tend to remember certain people and events that bring a sense of comfort to mind.

For me, the same goes for television and music. Almost all of today’s top 40 pop songs contain music samples from the past. So when you hear this fresh sound with a familiar twist, you kinda feel right at home. Well, that’s how it is for me when my faves from the past return.

I started watching General Hospital in the 1990s like many of you. And I can honestly say that this era seems to have left the most permanent mark on GH fans. That said, do you remember the popular character, Karen Wexler, played by Cari Sheen? She was right there in the middle of heated storylines involving strip clubs, drugs, and Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard).

General Hospital 1992 The Island

It was the age of “The Island,” when Karen, Jason Quartermaine (Steve Burton), and Jagger Cates (Antonio Sabato Jr.) got stranded on an island. Moreover, it was the first jig storyline my pre-teen self really got into. And for that I will always remember and be grateful I beg and watching GH when I did.

Maurice Benard Reveals Upcoming Guest

Karen Wexler Sonny Corinthos

At a recent fan event in Royal Oak Michigan, Maurice Benard discussed GH, mental illness, and everything in between. A hot topic was definitely his YouTube channel, State of Mind. He uses the platform to interview past and present co-stars, and anyone who wants to share their story.

General Hospital Spoilers: Drew’s Held Hostage In Pentonville, He’s Used As A Pawn

Drew’s held hostage in Pentonville
Drew’s held hostage in Pentonville

The city of Port Charles in it’s entirety was in total shock when Drew Cain received his sentence. No one expected such a harsh sentence, yet the judge really threw the book at him. Now, he sits in Pentonville amongst experiences criminals organized crime.

Ever since his sentencing, GH rumors ran wild with speculation. Fans have been trying to figure out the meaning behind such a hard punishment for such an insignificant crime. So, GH Blog shared that Drew’s sentence is most likely the result of an inside job. Someone wants him in Pentonville, and they’ve got him right where they want him.

Meanwhile, the sh!t hits the fan back in Port Charles as Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) strategies to save his own butt. It could have been anyone’s guess that Sonny would run to Carly Spencer [Corinthos] (Laura Wright) in his darkest hours. Actually, he knows well enough to run to his ex-wife before the hours become a stark night. Because he knows he can count on her strength and abilities to to what needs to be done. Not just for their family, but for him as well.

Cyrus Renault Pentonville

According to GH spoilers, Sonny and Carly are on their way back to one another. However, that’s neither here nor there at the moment. Instead, the focus is on Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison). But when Carly showed up at Pentonville with Sonny, they all got to thinking. Sonny is certain that his enemies reside within Pentonville walls. So having Drew there has to benefit someone. But who? Although Cyrus admits to helping take down star formidable mobster, it sounds like he might be a spectator in the Pikeman deal. This comes as a shock to many fans since Cyrus has been the number one pick for Pikeman. If not him, then who? And why is Drew held hostage in Pentonville?

General Hospital Spoilers: Ned Who? Olivia Falls For Eddie Maine, Will Ned Ever Return?

Olivia falls for Eddie
Olivia falls for Eddie

Apparently, Eddie Maine (Wally Kurth) is quite the charmer! Back in the 1990s he charmed all the ladies, or, groupies as he likes to call his fans. But Eddie Maine hung up his act and Ned Quartermaine (Ashton) went full business mode. ELQ was his passion now. So why did he suddenly turn into Eddie?!

Olivia Quartermaine was beside herself when her husband Ned (Wally Kurth) woke up a new man. Well, new to her because she didn’t know Eddie Maine back in the 1990s. Her husband and his rockstar alter ego couldn’t be more different from the other. Because of this, Olivia felt like she lost her husband for good. But now that Eddie has let his guard down a bit, General Hospital spoilers tease that Olivia falls for Eddie.

General Hospital spoilers and rumors tease that Eddie is here to stay. Now that Olivia is warming up to Eddie, he may have no reason to return as Ned. Tracy seems to be the only one who is dead against Eddie’s existence. Besides, who wants the pressures of ELQ and your mother breathing and barking orders down your back? Certainly not Ned. And ever more certainly, not Eddie Maine.

General Hospital News and Spoilers: CONFIRMED! Rena Sofer Returns To GH

Rena Sofer returns to GH as Lois Cerullo
Rena Sofer returns to GH as Lois

It’s no secret that the 1990s made a comeback in the 2020s. From fashion to music, pieces of a millennial’s golden era made its way back into our culture. Television reboots and movie remakes also drudge up the 90s. In fact, even the soap opera genre wants the nostalgia.

Ned and Lois Eddie Maine and Lois Cerullo wedding

General Hospital news and spoilers confirm that Rena Sofer returns to GH as Lois Cerullo. As Ned’s ex-wife and mother to their daughter, Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton), Lois has many reasons to return to Port Charles. In addition, her dear friend Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) always has time for Lois. Despite his hectic life with kids, Carly, Nina, and of course his enemies, Sonny is always grateful to see Lois.

According to the latest GH news, Rena Sofer disclosed that she’s already taped her first scenes. Previously, GH Blog shared reports that Sofer’s contract at The Bold and The Beautiful expired in May of last year. And as predicted, she’s headed straight to General Hospital!

According to GH spoilers and rumors, Lois shows up to help deal with Ned/Eddie. However, who says that she thinks Ned should be Ned? Will she help bring Ned back or encourage Eddie to stay true to himself? Besides, GH spoilers tease that Llivia is falling for Eddie… maybe Ned is never coming back!

Look for Rena Sofer’s return debut as Lois hits Port Charles this coming October! Who is ready for her return?

General Hospital News and Spoilers: Do You Like Our New Look? General Hospital Blog Got A Makeover!

General Hospital Blog’s New Look GH spoilers

General Hospital Blog’s New Look!

…It’s been a while since I’ve addressed General Hospital fans on a personal level. Surely I love to jump into the conversations you all have on the GH Blog Facebook page, but I think it’s important to reach out to fans and supporters for the fun of it too!

One thing I really like to talk about with the fans is how this website can improve. That’s why I’m reaching out now to get your opinion on the physical appearance of General Hospital Blog’s website. If you recall, her background has been for years and years. That being said, I felt that it was time for a change.

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We look forward to your feedback and will share the results at the end of the week. In the meantime, we thank you for your continued support! And thank you for having us give you the best experience possible with our GH Blog fan community.

General Hospital Spoilers: Sonny Makes An Unexpected Confession Even After Vindication

Sonny makes an unexpected confession General Hospital spoilers Sonny

Although Federal charges were dropped, Sonny makes an unexpected confession!

…I hate to say I told you so, but, who am I kidding? When it’s about General Hospital, I don’t mind one bit ????. Everyone was all up in arms about Sonny’s arrest when the Feds stormed in and swept him away in cuffs. Somehow, things seemed different this time.

Sonny and Nina GH

Previously, General Hospital Blog shared the latest spoilers which claimed that Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) had nothing to worry about. As it turned out he knew what was going on the entire time because he’s the one who set this all up. Now that he’s been cleared, Sonny and his family breathe a sigh of relief. Furthermore, Nina survived her first mob-wife scare. But was it even really to write home about? Nah, it wasn’t real. Truthfully, Sonny’s never really out of the woods, so there’s still a lot more for Nina to worry about. Essentially, only time will tell whether or not she’s cut out for this.

According to GH spoilers, Sonny makes an unexpected confession despite being a free man. So, what type of secret could the mobster have to get off his chest? And who needs to know?

General Hospital Spoilers: Maxie Settles Into Lulu’s Home- How Comfortable Will She Get?

Maxie settles into Lulu’s home

Maxie settles into Lulu’s home!

…Sam McCall’s (Kirsten Storms) status as Maxie Jones’s (Kirsten Storms) friend and Dante Falconeri’s (Dominic Zamprogna) girlfriend puts her in the perfect position to offer help to a friend.

General Hospital recaps recall when Sam reached out to Maxie. She noticed her friend’s struggles and offered a solution. At first, Maxie wasn’t too sure that moving into Lulu’s old house would be the best idea. But then, Sam pointed out some important facts. She reassured Maxie that if anyone was going to occupy Dante and Lulu’s family home, Maxie is favored option. The fact that Maxie and Lulu are besties makes it more comforting than uncomfortable.

Lulu Spencer coma

According to GH spoilers and rumors, Maxie settles into Lulu’s home with her kids. So far, things are going well despite the dark cloud hanging over Deception. And by dark cloud we mean Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliot). Because of her bogus lawsuit, Maxie’s professional future hangs in the balance. However, that’s not the only issue Maxie faces in regard to her big move.

Understandably, all this talk about Lulu has GH fans questioning what’s in store. Based on the latest GH rumors, Lulu wakes up! It doesn’t seem like Lulu would have an issue with her bestie and her children moving into the home that was once hers. However, there’s no telling what state she’ll be in upon awakening. Will Lulu wake up

General Hospital Spoilers: The REAL Sonny is Back! Pikeman Brings Out The Side Of Him That Nina Can’t Handle

real Sonny Corinthos returns

All rejoicing, the real Sonny Corinthos returns right when his family needs him the most! …Sonny Corinthos’s (Maurice Benard) reputation is so strong that no matter what, true fans know the character on a deeper level and trust who he is inside. Anyone who is scared that Sonny has lost himself because of Nina, don’t be. Because General Hospital spoilers indicate that there’s no need to worry.

Despite being stuck between a cowboy and a gangster, Sonny Corinthos remains true to his character in the end.

According to GH spoilers and rumors Pikeman brings the gangster out in Sonny. And once he breaks through there is no going back. Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) banked on the notion that Sonny never finds himself. Selfishly, she hopes that he never looks further than the shallow version of him that she created.

Although he named himself Mike, Sonny suffered from amnesia as Nina took advantage of his vulnerability. So all this time Nina has lived in her own reality that Sonny holds on to a bit of Mike- enough to keep her in her comfort soon. But that’s not the case now. Instead, the real Sonny Corinthos returns right when his family needs him the most. This Pikeman situation requires strength and power, and that’s not Mike. Mark Carly’s words, she’s getting back everything Nina has taken from her! EVERYTHING.

General Hospital News and Spoilers: Mac’s Future Hangs In The Balance As John J. York’s GH Status Changes

Mac Scorpio leaving GH John J. York

Is Mac Scorpio leaving GH? John J. York explains… So much excitement and drama surrounds the people of Port Charles. On a typical day, one might discover their long lost daughter, another might betray a lover they’ve sought out for years only, some could fall victim of a baby napping, and various other traumatic life events.

When it comes to the vet actors, their characters have been through the wringer for years and years. Thankfully, characters like Mac Scorpio (John J. York) and his wife Felicia Jones (Kristina Wagner) have stuck around to endure it all of these years!

Currently, Mac Scorpio has a potentially prominent storyline. Cody Bell waltzed into Mac’s life and everything is about to change. After GH spoilers revealed that Cody is Mac’s son, fans have been waiting for that story to unfold. However, recent GH news reports share an update on York’s GH status. John toon to Twitter/X to address fans about his recent status change with the 60 year old daytime drama.

In his announcement York explains that he’ll be on a few week long hiatus. As a result, Mac Scorpio keeps things low key. Additionally, the actor explained that he will be away from the scene for a bit. His tweet can be read below.

Have no fear, we won’t leave you in the dark about Mac and neither will John. Make sure to follow General Hospital Blog on Facebook and check back for updates on the GH cast!

General Hospital Blog: BREAKING! Steve Burton Drops Major Hint- Jason Morgan Returns Just In Time

Steve Burton returns as Jason Morgan General Hospital

With so many storylines that currently flow through Port Charles, many create potential for what fans have been waiting for. In the midst of all the changes, fans believe it’s the perfect time that Steve Burton returns as Jason Morgan.

Recently, General Hospital Blog shared the latest news in Steve Burton. During a podcast interview, GH co-star Wally Kurth hinted that Steve Burton will be back soon. Since this news broke, GH spoilers are running wild with stories surround Steve Burton and his role as Jason Morgan.

According to the latest GH spoilers and news, Burton shared an interesting post to his Instagram page. Curiously, fans dissect the meaning behind his message. Check it out below!

Steve Burton hints his return to GH as Jason Morgan

Does Change Mean Out With DAYS and In With GH?! Steve Burton Retuns as Jason Morgan

With rumors that Steve’s days at DAYS are soon to be over come inevitable change. Last week, GH Blog shared confirmation that Steve Burton has signed a one year contract with DOOL. Of that year leaves about 6 months. That’s why fans have been up in arms over the news. Moreover, each and every storyline seems to have a reason for Jason to return. Sasha needs saving? Jason will rescue her! Sonny needs out of FBI custody? Jason saves the day! Carly needs Nina off her back? Here comes bestie!