General Hospital News and Spoilers: Talks That Ingo Reprise His Role Surface, Will Jasper “Jax” Head Back To Port Charles?

Is Jasper Jax returning to GH Ingo Rademacher

Is Jasper Jax returning to GH?

…Jasper “Jax” Jacks (Ingo Rademacher) is one of those chill guys that you can count on to diffuse a heated situation, or be your Knight in shining armor. He’s a family man and loves to be around whenever his business life doesn’t whisk him away to Australia.

According to previous GH news reports, Ingo Rademacher left General Hospital in November, 2022. The news came as a shock to GH fans as reports confirmed Ingo Rademacher was let go. As GH recaps recall, ABC issued a Covid vaccine mandate. However, due to religious reasons, Rademacher files for religious exemption and was denied. Ultimately, Ingo and ABC parted ways. Furthermore, Ingo filed a lawsuit against his employer, but case was dismissed.

Is Jasper Jax Returning to GH?

General Hospital news reports confirm that the Disney corporation terminated their Covid-19 vaccine mandate in November, 2022. Since then, Ingo’s case against the company was dismissed. It’s unclear whether the 25 year GH vet has any bad blood on set, or if he’d even consider a comeback after how things unfolded. What we do know is that Ingo Rademacher remains friends with many of his former co-stars and GH family.

Overall, Rademacher is doing well and carrying on with his wife and children. At this time it’s unlikely Ingo will reprise his role. Sadly, there’s no word about Jax flying into Port Charles on his private jet. But keep checking back for new developments!

General Hospital News And Spoilers: Tucker Carlson Interviews Ingo Rademacher’s Attorney In Lawsuit Against ABC/Disney

Ingo Rademacher’s lawsuit

Ingo Rademacher’s lawsuit against his former employer reaches new developments. Attorney Scott Street sits down with Fox News host, Tucker Carlson.

The saga is ongoing after one of Daytime TV’s fan favorites was suddenly fired from ABC’s iconic soap opera, General Hospital. Ingo Rademacher began his run as Jasper “Jax” Jacks on January 31st, 1996. Rademacher’s last scenes as Jax aired in November of 2021.

General Hospital news reports confirm Ingo’s lawsuit is headed to trial. General Hospital Blog previously reported new developments regarding the upcoming trial date. Ingo Rademacher’s lawsuit against ABC/Disney is scheduled for the courtroom on February 27th, 2023.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Ingo has taken to social media to share a clip of Attorney Scott Street’s interview with Fox Nation’s Tucker Carlson. 

General Hospital News And Spoilers: Ingo Rademacher Claims He’s Uncovered Damning Evidence Against ABC

Former General Hospital star, Ingo Rademacher who played Jasper “Jax” Jacks, for over two decades has had some real life drama of his own relating to his employment with ABC.

General Hospital news and spoilers previously reported on Rademacher’s firing from ABC’s General Hospital, after a mandate for the Covid-19 vaccine was implemented in November of 2021.

Back in June of 2022, General Hospital Blog reported on some new developments which had unfolded in Rademacher’s case against the network. Those developments entailed a subpoena for documents against Ingo, stating he used an organization called, The Protection of the Educational Rights of Kids to find his lawsuit against Disney. Reports stayed Ingo was fighting back, making allegations of the company’s intentions to destroy his character.

Fast forward to present day, and General Hospital spoilers reveal there is much allegations coming forward. In a recent report, Rademacher has claimed to have obtained documents which prove ABC was planning to fire him before the mandate took place in November of 2021 for discriminatory reasons. Ingo alleges the documents prove ABC was in discussion to fire him due to his political beliefs, well before the November cut off, and that they were discovered and obtained as part of a typical process of both parties requirements to exchange files.

General Hospital news reports ABC has denied all allegations of wrongdoing and said its decision to fire Ingo Rademacher was proper. According to news outlets, a lawyer representing the network wrote, “[ABC] had an honest, good-faith belief that all decisions with respect to [Ingo] were made by [ABC] solely for legitimate, business-related reasons.”

ABC Network has requested that the court dismiss the entire lawsuit based on their statements against Rademacher’s claims. ABC stated company had “not acted in a manner highly offensive to a reasonable person and/or [Ingo] was not harmed by any such intrusion.”

The former GH star stands by his allegations, saying that these newly discovered documents prove the network was planning to fire him over political views by Summer of 2021.

General Hospital news and spoilers reveal the trial is set for February of 2023.

General Hospital Spoilers: New Developments In Ingo Rademacher’s Lawsuit Against Disney Has Taken Things To A New Level

Former General Hospital star Ingo Rademacher joined the cast as Jasper “Jax” Jacks back in 1996.

General Hospital comings and goings news reports confirm Rademacher had been let go from the 59 year old daytime drama in November of 2021.

General Hospital news reveals that Ingo’s is pursuing his lawsuit against Disney after being fired over the vaccination mandate. Rademacher’s religious exemption application was denied, causing the actor to lost his job over when the mandate which went into effect November of 2021.

General Hospital spoilers reveal ABC network has issued a subpoena for documents regarding the organization, Protection of the Educational Rights of Kids. Rademacher has been accused of using the organization to find his lawsuit against Disney. Ingo is fighting back and is now requesting that the network not be allowed to obtain said documents.

GH news reveals Rademacher says the network is attempting to obtain, “confidential communications and attorney work product between,” himself, his attorneys, and “speculated litigation funder.” GH’s Australian born leading man alleges that the network is trying to destroy his [Ingo’s] character.

General Hospital Blog will keep fans up to date on any new developments related to the ongoing lawsuit between GH’s Jax and Disney.

General Hospital News And Spoilers: Ingo Rademacher Hits ABC With Lawsuit

Ingo Rademacher files lawsuit against ABC Disney
Rademacher files lawsuit against ABC Disney

Apparently, the dust has not settled in the midst of Ingo’s General Hospital exit. General Hospital news reports confirmed that General Hospital star Ingo Rademacher was let go from the daytime drama. GH’s “Jax” was let go due to a recent Covid vaccine mandate. The mandate took effect November 1st, making it mandatory for all employee on the set of GH to receive the Covid vaccine.

General Hospital rumors began to fly surrounding Ingo Rademacher and Steve Burton. As Jax and Jason are fan favorites, these rumors quickly caught fire and fans were able to get answers rather quickly. Soon after, General Hospital news confirmed that Rademacher and Burton had been let go due to declining the vaccine, and Jasper “Jax” Jacks and Jason Morgan would be exiting the canvas in some way or another.

Rademacher Files lawsuit Against ABC Disney

Just weeks after both stars exited the show, General Hospital news updates state that Rademacher is suing ABC. He argues that he was fired unlawfully, due to his refusal to get vaccinated. His claims are that ABC/Disney’s practices are “Unconstitutional” in regard to this situation. Additionally, Rademacher filed for a religious exemption, in order to keep his job. However, his efforts were not successful. The lawsuit filed by Rademacher was filed in Los Angeles.

General Hospital News: Nancy Lee Grahn Praises GH Execs For New Mandate

The General Hospital discussion circuit is sparking all sorts of General Hospital rumors regarding the latest vaccine mandate for the ABC Network daytime drama, General Hospital.

General Hospital news reports claim two major stars could be OUT at GH over their belief in freedom to choose how to medically care for themselves. General Hospital spoilers reveal the Executives over at GH are the first to mandate the vaccine in the soap opera genre.

The social media platform, Twitter, has been carrying the discussion/debate, which surrounds Ingo Rademacher (Jasper Jax Jacks) and Steve Burton (Jason Morgan). It has been rumored that Rademacher and Burton are taking a stance on the vaccine mandate, and due to their beliefs, they are said to be exiting the show. Steve and Ingo are long-time players over at GH, making this news very difficult for fans.

While there are those who do not believe the vaccine should be mandated, General Hospital news and spoilers reveal at least one co-star who is all for it. Nancy and Ingo have butted heads in the last, resulting in Nancy blocking Ingo on social media. Now Nancy has reached out to her fans on Twitter with her opinion on the matter.

No news reports have confirmed the General Hospital comings and goings rumors regarding Ingo and Steve at this time. We will keep fans in the know as new developments begin to surface.

General Hospital News: GH Cast Butts Heads Over Vax Controversy; Kimberly McCullough Gives Ingo A Piece Of Her Mind

General Hospital star, Ingo Rademacher, who plays the fan favorite, Jasper “Jax” Jacks. He has recently made headlines over an Instagram post, expressing his view point on those who tried to get him fired over his opinion on world’s current controversial debate. The hashtag #FireIngo trended on social media platform, Twitter.

General Hospital News recently broke, revealing that General Hospital fans started a hashtag trend with the intention to get Ingo Rademacher fired from his job because they did not agree with his stance on the vaccine mandate.

General Hospital Blog shared Ingo’s IG post, letting those people know exactly what he thinks of them trying to ruin his career.

General Hospital spoilers reveal GH cast mates have chimes in, including rival, Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis Davis), and former co-star, Kimberly McCullough (Robin Scorpio). McCullough responses to an article tweeted by Deadline Hollywood, which showcased the current real life drama from ABC’s General Hospital.

In the tweet below, Kimberly quoted lyrics from rapper, Ice Cube, tweeting, “you betta check yourself before ya wreck yourself.”


Nancy Lee Grahn also put in her two cents in a passive aggressive IG post.