General Hospital News And Spoilers: Ingo Rademacher Claims He’s Uncovered Damning Evidence Against ABC

Former General Hospital star, Ingo Rademacher who played Jasper “Jax” Jacks, for over two decades has had some real life drama of his own relating to his employment with ABC.

General Hospital news and spoilers previously reported on Rademacher’s firing from ABC’s General Hospital, after a mandate for the Covid-19 vaccine was implemented in November of 2021.

Back in June of 2022, General Hospital Blog reported on some new developments which had unfolded in Rademacher’s case against the network. Those developments entailed a subpoena for documents against Ingo, stating he used an organization called, The Protection of the Educational Rights of Kids to find his lawsuit against Disney. Reports stayed Ingo was fighting back, making allegations of the company’s intentions to destroy his character.

Fast forward to present day, and General Hospital spoilers reveal there is much allegations coming forward. In a recent report, Rademacher has claimed to have obtained documents which prove ABC was planning to fire him before the mandate took place in November of 2021 for discriminatory reasons. Ingo alleges the documents prove ABC was in discussion to fire him due to his political beliefs, well before the November cut off, and that they were discovered and obtained as part of a typical process of both parties requirements to exchange files.

General Hospital news reports ABC has denied all allegations of wrongdoing and said its decision to fire Ingo Rademacher was proper. According to news outlets, a lawyer representing the network wrote, “[ABC] had an honest, good-faith belief that all decisions with respect to [Ingo] were made by [ABC] solely for legitimate, business-related reasons.”

ABC Network has requested that the court dismiss the entire lawsuit based on their statements against Rademacher’s claims. ABC stated company had “not acted in a manner highly offensive to a reasonable person and/or [Ingo] was not harmed by any such intrusion.”

The former GH star stands by his allegations, saying that these newly discovered documents prove the network was planning to fire him over political views by Summer of 2021.

General Hospital news and spoilers reveal the trial is set for February of 2023.

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