General Hospital News and Spoilers: Talks That Ingo Reprise His Role Surface, Will Jasper “Jax” Head Back To Port Charles?

Is Jasper Jax returning to GH Ingo Rademacher

Is Jasper Jax returning to GH?

…Jasper “Jax” Jacks (Ingo Rademacher) is one of those chill guys that you can count on to diffuse a heated situation, or be your Knight in shining armor. He’s a family man and loves to be around whenever his business life doesn’t whisk him away to Australia.

According to previous GH news reports, Ingo Rademacher left General Hospital in November, 2022. The news came as a shock to GH fans as reports confirmed Ingo Rademacher was let go. As GH recaps recall, ABC issued a Covid vaccine mandate. However, due to religious reasons, Rademacher files for religious exemption and was denied. Ultimately, Ingo and ABC parted ways. Furthermore, Ingo filed a lawsuit against his employer, but case was dismissed.

Is Jasper Jax Returning to GH?

General Hospital news reports confirm that the Disney corporation terminated their Covid-19 vaccine mandate in November, 2022. Since then, Ingo’s case against the company was dismissed. It’s unclear whether the 25 year GH vet has any bad blood on set, or if he’d even consider a comeback after how things unfolded. What we do know is that Ingo Rademacher remains friends with many of his former co-stars and GH family.

Overall, Rademacher is doing well and carrying on with his wife and children. At this time it’s unlikely Ingo will reprise his role. Sadly, there’s no word about Jax flying into Port Charles on his private jet. But keep checking back for new developments!