Rosalie’s Secret

The mystery of Rosalie’s big secret has been weighing on our minds for several months. Every time it seems like we were getting closer to the revelation, Rosalie would disappear from the canvas and we were left hanging time and time again. Now more than ever, General Hospital story lines seem to take an eternity to evolve and conclude. In the past year, stories have been written so that they linger on due to the fact that they are completely on hiatus and are not revisited for weeks at a time. That is absolutely what has happened with Rosalie’s secret. The writers at GH seem to be “taking turns” with the characters. Some characters will be up front and center for quite some time and then suddenly vanish from our screens. These characters are not written off the show, but rather just set aside for a later date. Most recently we have experienced this with Felicia’s election story line. It had been literally two months since this story commenced. 

This week on General Hospital, we were finally able to get closer to Rosalie’s secret. She confessed to Michael that she isn’t actually a nurse. That she and Nina have been pretending that Rosalie is certified to care for others and give them medical attention as a nurse. If that didn’t seem juicy enough, there is definitely more to the story. Although it hasn’t come out of Rosalie’s mouth directly, it is safe to assume that Rosalie has a connection to Helena. Helena mentioned that she has someone on the inside working for ELQ that was getting hired on the spot. As the scene cut over, Michael and Rosalie were in a discussion about her starting to work for him. So is this part of Rosalie’s big secret? Rosalie is working for Helena and is going to help Helena take over ELQ from the inside. What more does Helena have up her sleeve for Rosalie? 

Do you think there is more to this story? Does Rosalie’s secret go deeper than being Helena’s employee? Share your thoughts in the comment section!