Levi’s Motives REVEALED! …and With NO Accent!

Levi really had us all fooled. Ever since the scene where he called the court and told the judge that Nathan lied and was covering for Maxie, fans wondered if he really had the accent and dropped it to disguise his voice for the call, or if he had no accent at all. Today we found out that his entire identity has been a facade. The man is a phony! He isn’t even Australian at all. Rumors had been circulating that Levi’s deeper reason for being in Port Charles was a possible connection with Jerry Jacks. Some even thought Levi could have been Jerry’s son. Well since he isn’t even Australian, that pretty much shoots down that possibility. As previously posted, Zachary Garred (Levi Dunkleman) mentioned in an interview with Michael Fairman, that he is definitely connected to someone in PC, and that someone is his Father.

It’s good to know that Dante, Lulu, Mac, and Nathan are all suspicious of Levi, but what is mind boggling is how gullible Felicia is. Hopefully Dante and Nathan can work together to take Levi down before Maxie marries him and he gets closer to Felicia’s Aztec fortune.

Will Nathan save Maxie from making the biggest mistake of her life?

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