What Does Levi Want with Maxie?

Ever since Maxie brought Levi to Port Charles back from her soul searching journey, he has been nothing short of controlling, sneaky, and down right annoying. He is obviously manipulating Maxie. There is some reason that Levi doesn’t want Maxie to be with her daughter Georgie. We all know that he was the one who told the judge that Nathan lied to protect her. When he made that phone call, he conveniently lost his Aussie accent. The question is, does he even have an Aussie accent at all, or did he drop his accent to disguise his voice when giving his anonymous tip to the court? Maybe he isn’t from Australia at all and perhaps he only is pretending he is to get in better with Mac. Regardless, Levi is definitely up to something. Who is he connected to? What does he want in Port Charles, and why is he deliberately sabotaging Maxie’s chances with baby Georgie?

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