We Know Who Caused the Accident!

Sam the Private Investigator and friend Patrick Drake are on the case to find the individual responsible for Sabrina and Patrick’s accident. As a result of the accident, Sabrona went into very premature labor and baby Gabriel passed away just shortly after he was born. Sabrina left Port Charles to be with her cousin Juan Santiago and family in Puerto Rico in order to deal with the grief of her loss. Patrick, a distraught Father, is sticking around PC and is determined to find the person who did this to his family.

Lately there has been a lot of speculation on who could have caused the accident. The writers have been making it look a lot like it was Rafe, and some fans thought that it was too obvious. Others suspected Nina, since she can walk and all, why not drive too? They also suspected Levi because well, no one is really sure what that creep is up to and doing in Port Charles.

But according to an article in Soap Opera Digest, it has been revealed that the person who caused the accident is in deed Rafe! The writers wanted to incorporate the story with the drug trafficing that has been going on with Fluke and the Jerome family. Head Writer Ron Carlivati commented on the drug use in Port Charles, he said, “With the influx of drugs in town, we thought that someone should be doing them, and Rafe drew the short straw.”