Teresa Castillo Tweets About Her Return to General Hospital

Teresa Castillo’s character Sabrina Santiago has had a lot of ups and downs in her seemingly short time living in Port Charles. She moved to Port Charles to begin her career in nursing as a way to follow in her Mother’s footsteps. Sabrina’s mother was also a nurse. She passed away some time ago and now that Sabrina is grown she wanted to become a nurse and take care of others just as her mother did.

Shortly after arriving in Port Charles and landing a job at GH, she set her sights on Dr. Patrick Drake. Not knowing he was the husband of the (then) late Dr. Robin Scorpio Drake, she fell deeper and deeper for Patrick as time went on. She soon found out who he actually was, but she was battling with Dr. Britt Westbourne for his affections. Soon after Sabrina won her man, Robin turned up alive and made her debut at what was suppsoed to be Sabrina and Patrick’s wedding. After Patrick ultimately chose his wife Robin over Sabrina, Sabrina learned she was pregnant with Patrick’s baby. Robin left town at the request of Victor Cassadine in an atempt to being he rbest frined Jason Morgan back to life. Jason, along with a couple Cassadines, has been cryogenically frozen and only the skills of Dr. Robin Scorpio have the chance of bringing them back. Meanwhile, back in PC, Patrick, Sabrina, and Emma were involved in a serious car accident. The accident cause Sabrina to go into preterm labor. Shortly after she delivered baby Gabriel, he passed away. Patrick and Sabrina lost their child.

This all led up to the departure of Teresa Castillo’s character. Sabrina left Port Charles with her cousin Juan Santiago (Michael Saucedo) and went back to Puerto Rico to be with the rest of her family. The actress has been on maternity leave and is due to return to the set of General Hospital in just a few short weeks. She will begin taping scenes in about two weeks. Castillo sent out a tweet last week with her announcement of returning.

When Sabrina comes back to Port Charles after grieving for her boy in Puerto Rico, she will be facing a hard truth. Patrick and Sam are debating on whether or not it would help or hurt Sabrina, knowing who caused the accident and the events that unfolded before and after. Will learning that Rafe caused the accident give Sabrina closure? Knowing Patrick was the one to operate on Rafe and the outcome that resulted may have an effect on how Sabrina heals from the situation. Let us know what you think. Should Patrick tell Sabrina everything that has happened while she was away?