TV Guide Exclusive: John Stamos on General Hospital Return

Monday, February 18th, John Stamos will be a guest on The Jeff Probst Show. A TV Guide exclusive reveals that Stamos admits to having met with General Hospital producers to talk about his character returning. John Stamos explains that what they want him to do is not necessarily to his liking and won’t be doing what was asked. He mentioned that the execs at GH wanted Stamos to debut his return at the nurses ball, playing drums for Rick Springfield, as he sings his hit song “Jessie’s Girl.”

John admits that he owes his career to General Hospital and would be more than happy to make the return if the material was right. He tells Probst that he wants a real acting gig out of GH if he returns. He even suggests that his character Blackie Parrish, get out of jail, and meets a girl.

It sounds like John Stamos really wants a solid deal with General Hospital. If the execs make him a promising offer, it looks as though Stamos would take it in a heartbeat. Now will TPTB listen to the fans and jump on that? Let’s hope so. Stamos could do great things for General Hospital. I know many, many fans are so excited for him to return.

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