Will Robin Come Home for The Nurses Ball?

It has been months since Anna came close to finding out Robin was actually alive. Anna almost discovered that Heather was actually telling the truth, and that her daughter was indeed alive and being held at a clinic in Switzerland by Cesar Faison. Robin’s Father Robert was injured in the process of trying to get to the bottom of the Duke/Faison story and is now in a coma. Although Robin is spoken of often, we still have not seen when or how Robin’s loved ones will find out she is alive and be reunited. As we all know, General Hospital’s 50th anniversary is coming up, along with the legendary Nurses Ball. GH has been and continues to be full of surprises in anticipation for the big day, April 1st, 2013. This leads to a burning question that fans have been trying to find an answer to. Is Kimberly McCullough coming back to GH for The Nurses Ball? There hasn’t been any news confirming the return of actress Kimberly McCullough as Robin Scorpio in time for the Nurses Ball. However, that may be because they are trying to keep at least one of the returns a surprise for the fans during the time of GH’s 50th anniversary celebration. I know Robin has been a hot topic for General Hospital fans and everyone would love to see her resurface for the big event. As of now, there is no confirming news that let’s us know either way whether she will be back or not. General Hospital Blog will update any news regarding Kimberly McCullough/Robin’s return.


Photo from: brittanycb4.tumblr.com