Someone is Back from the Dead!

In the latest spoilers that were sent out by ABC, The week of July 7th includes someone coming back from the dead! There have been numerous rumors surrounding who actually dies this week, which ultimately led to theories of who comes back from the dead. The rumor that Alice dies has been going on for a few weeks and since she suffered a heart attack at ELQ the other day, it looks as though it could possible be true. Do you think Alice could come back to warn Michael about Tracy?We certainly hope The Dominator doesn’t pass away and is able to make a speedy recovery.

We have also heard that Rafe is going to die. After Thursday’s car accident with Molly in the passenger seat, Rafe and Molly are left unconscious. It’s been rumored that Rafe will be operated on by Dr. Drake. With all of Dr. Drakes anger toward Rafe for causing the accident, no one knows what Patrick will do on that operating table. Will Rafe die and be resurrected?

Of course there are many other characters that are supposedly “dead” that could be coming back for a surprise visit. Let us know who you think it could be by commenting below.