General Hospital News And Spoilers: Laura Wright Talks Leaving Amidst Regulation Changes- How Long Will She Stay?

is Laura Wright leaving GH

Is Laura Wright leaving? General Hospital star Laura Wright admits she doesn’t know how long she’ll stay. The iconic daytime star joined General Hospital’s cast as the 4th to play the iconic Carly Corinthos aka Caroline Benson. Wright stepped into the role after originator, Sarah Joy Brown, the memorable Tamara Braun, and Jennifer Bransford’s brief portrayal.

According to General Hospital casting news, Laura Wright’s General Hospital status is not in question. Her portrayal as the iconic Carly Corinthos is as solid as can be.

Is Laura Wright Leaving GH?

So, what is Laura referring to when she addressed leaving? Thankfully, she’s not talking about her role as Carly on ABC’s GH. In fact, she’s talking about social media. Social media platforms are such complexes aspects of cyberspace. GH news reports confirm that Laura Wright isn’t leaving the 60 year d daytime drama. Instead, she’s contemplating leaving the social media platform, Twitter. New regulation changes have created controversy among users. The blue check marks are now for purchase as opposed to earning the blue check mark as a verified status marker.

In a recent tweet, Laura expressed her concerns. She admitted that she’s not sure how long she’ll stay on the platform now that fans won’t know if an imposter is trying to pass themselves off as the actress. That being said, I think k it’s safe to say we will hear more from Laura on platforms such as Instagram.