General Hospital News And Spoilers: Leslie Charleson Sits Down With Maurice Benard On State Of Mind, Opens Up About Sister’s Suicide

General Hospital legend Maurice Benard is known for his work on the daytime drama as Sonny Corinthos. Also in more recent years, Maurice is known for advocating for mental health in his YouTube series, State of Mind.

General Hospital news reports reveal GH icon Leslie Charleson sat down with her co-star Maurice Benard to talk about family life, her childhood, her bi-polar sister, and her life as Monica Quartermaine for over 40 years.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Leslie Charleson discloses personal details of her life, hardships, and how her childhood has shaped her life experiences.

Maurice and Leslie’s heart to heart is very telling into both of their life experiences as they trade stories, comparing and relating to one another. Please take the time to watch the captivating episode with GH’s Maurice Benard (Sonny) and Leslie Charleson (Monica).

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