General Hospital News And Spoilers: Maurice Benard Surprises Very Famous Family

Maurice Benard surprises fan

Maurice Benard surprises fans! General Hospital icon and YouTube’s State of Mind host Maurice Benard loves to engage with his fans.

Every now and then celebrities will grant a fan’s wish and pay them a surprise visit. It just so happens that this time the fan being surprised is also very famous! General Hospital news and spoilers reveal Maurice Benard surprises fans (who happen to be famous too)! His visit to Martin Lawrence’s Runteldat Entertainment was a pleasant surprise for Lawrence family.

General Hospital spoilers reveal the legendary Emmy Award winning actor surprised the Lawrence family. Wanda got quite a birthday surprise when Maurice Benard showed up at the door with a disguised voice and some extra accessories. His hat and glasses were used to concealed his looks for his initial greeting. Consequently, Wanda didn’t recognize her favorite celebrity! Then, Benard asked for Martin Lawrence and declared his fan status. He handed Wanda flowers and took off his hat and glasses to unveil his identity. Wanda was stunned to see General Hospital’s leading man right before her eyes!

Maurice shared the touching moment in a recent social media post. Maurice reunites with his friend and fellow actor Martin Lawrence. In his surprise visit, Maurice presents Wanda with flowers, wishing her a happy birthday! Please check out his video below.