General Hospital Spoilers: Carly vs. Nina- Let The Games Begin, Winner Takes ALL, Nina Walks Away Empty Handed

Carly takes back ALL Nina stole Carly takes Sonny from Nina

Carly takes back ALL Nina stole from her over the last few years! The drama between Sonny’s ex/wife and his current fiancé won’t end until only one leading lady is left standing. Are you ready for an epic battle? Winner takes ALL!

What was once right in Port Charles had been wrong since the day Sonny disappeared. General Hospital recaps recall, everything changed for the Corinthos family the night Sonny fell off that bridge. Thankfully, his fate wasn’t as dire as poor Julian Jerome (William deVry). Sonny may have escaped death but landed in a living Hell. He lost his wife, the one person who truly understands him and his business.

Nina took everything from Carly, and now it’s time to right some wrongs. General Hospital spoilers tease that Carly and Nina’s ongoing vendetta against each other takes a turn as their epic battle lives on. Meanwhile, Nina’s breakthrough with Willow was enough to send her straight to Carly to tell her the news.

GH rumors hint that the tables turn on Nina as her secrets are exposed and Carly regains her power. According to GH spoilers and rumors, Carly takes back ALL Nina stole from her as the stars start to align again. And when she says all, she means ALL. Is it time for Sonny to return home?