General Hospital Spoilers: Dante Is Certain That Michael Turned In Sonny

Dante questions Michael about Sonny’s FBI arrest

Dante questions Michael about Sonny! …The big question hanging over Port Charles is whether or not Sonny goes down for food. His FBI arrest has Port Charles scrambling to find out who is responsible. As a detective, that’s exactly what Dante does. First, he starts with his brother Michael.

According to GH recaps, The FBI busted in and arrested Sonny Corinthos on suspicions of his involvement with Pikeman. Meanwhile, he sits in the interrogation room waiting for his trusted attorney, Diane Miller (Carolyn Hennesy).

General Hospital previews and spoilers indicate that Dante questions Michael about their father. Despite the fact that Dante is a detective, and therefore he and Sonny are on opposite sides of the law, he in no way wants to see his father go down in flames. The latest GH spoilers tease that tension between Dante and Michael thickens, and things get heated. Will Michael be able to convince his brother?