General Hospital Spoilers: Early Release For Sonny’s Enemy? Cyrus Renault Uses His Get Out Of Jail Free Card-

Cyrus gets released from Pentonville
Cyrus gets released from Pentonville

Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober) is on his own, and left to fend for himself. It’s a jungle out there in Pentonville, but Cyrus’s stay has been more like The Four Seasons. Up until now he was in cahoots with the Warden. But I w that she’s leaving, Cyrus can say “so long” to his special treatment.

Thus far, Mr. Renault has had it made. It’s not a cake walk to carry out a prison sentence but Cyrus knows how to play the system. Additionally, he knows exactly how to manipulate and gaslight those around him. Apparently, when you preach what you don’t practice, it’s easy to fool others into believing that you’re something that you aren’t.

Cyrus Uses Get Out Of Jail Free Card… Is His Army Ready For Their Mission?

General Hospital spoilers tease that things won’t be so cushy for Cyrus. Yesterday, Pentonville Warden Ellen Gartin had some bad news for Cyrus. Consequently, the Mayor’s brother is on his own- for now.

According to the warden, she’s been transferred due to a promotion. She’s washed her hands of Cyrus and their covert activities. Although he has family members in high places, the remainder of Cyrus’s sentence seems daunting. That is unless things turn around for the self-proclaimed profit.

Finally, the latest GH spoilers and rumors indicate that Cyrus gets released from Pentonville earlier than anticipated. That means he will be free to roam the streets, endangering even more lives than when he was behind bars.