General Hospital Spoilers: Halloween Is All Fun and Games Until… Nikolas Surprises Laura On Halloween And Someone Dies?!

Nikolas Surprises Laura On Halloween GH Halloween 2019
Nikolas Surprises Laura On Halloween

Happy Halloween! How about you give yourself a freight in the spirit of the Holiday?! Get your popcorn ready because this week I’m General Hospital, GH Spoilers reveal this year’s Halloween in Port Charles is going to be a KILLER!

It looks like Ryan Chamberlain hasn’t gotten his last fill of his murder spree just yet. We can only assume that Ryan is the killer, but who becomes the victim?

Previously, General Hospital News and Spoilers confirmed the exit of GH actress, Tamara Braun (Dr. Kim Nero). Although this news has not yet been confirmed, fans are all abuzz about the actresses potential departure.

According to General Hospital spoilers, this year’s GH Halloween is more than just tricks and treats. Think of it as a celebration. Kind of like a Port Charles wedding. You know that we can almost always count on a fresh new travesty as any main event in PC.

Between Nikolas Cassadine and Ryan Chamberlain, who causes more of a commotion? And is Kim Nero’s fate in a psychopath’s hands? Will she become Ryan’s next victim on Halloween?

Meanwhile, Port Charles is distracted by another mysterious cloud lurking in the midst. Sources say that Nikolas surprises Laura on Halloween when he shows up alive!