General Hospital Spoilers: Jackson’s Back And Lucy’s Hot And Bothered- Martin Isn’t Amused

Martin sees Lucy and Jackson

Martin sees Lucy and Jackson hitting it off.

…Oh the games people play. Lucy plays a game of her own to ruffle Martin’s feathers. Will it work? Martin Gray (Michael E. Knight) hasn’t been completely honest with Lucy Co (Lynn Herring). That’s not saying that she’s been completely honest with him either. But we all know the saying, “two wrongs don’t make a right.” Quite frankly, I sense that these two are headed for disaster.

General Hospital recaps for Monday, August 29th recall Lucy and Martin’s argument. The fashion icon and cosmetics industry wants some answers. Right now she can’t wrap her head around why the man she loves wouldn’t give up money to marry her. Previously, GH spoilers revealed that Martin receives 50,000 from his third ex-wife. understandably bad news sent Lucy into a tailspin. So she can fronted Martin and things got a little heated.

According to General Hospital previews and spoilers, things become even rockier between Martin and Lucy when Jackson Montgomery unexpectedly arrives in Port Charles. Evidently, the Pine Valley attorney is no friend of Martin’s. Martin made that clear when Lucy mentioned his name. That’s when Martin muttered Montgomery’s (Walt Willey) name in sort of a breathy yet antagonistic tone. After that reaction, it sure seems like Martin doesn’t care too much for Mr.

That being said, GH spoilers tease that Lucy uses her feminine power to spark a reaction out of Martin. Martin sees Lucy and Jackson getting along a little too well, especially considering that he represents the plaintiff who is suing Lucy and Deception.