General Hospital Spoilers: Laura Rejects Sonny

Laura rejects Sonny
Laura rejects Sonny

Sonny’s supporters are dropping like flies. His downward spiral proves to be reason enough for doubts to arise. It’s true that Laura and Sonny have always been friends. Despite their long lived friendship, Laura must do what’s best for Port Charles citizens.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Sonny wants to do good for the community but Laura doesn’t agree with his plan. Suddenly, those who have always been torn between Sonny and their own morals hit the high road and leave Sonny stranded.

Laura Rejects Sonny

Laura Spencer (Genie Francis) isn’t the only friend Sonny has lost recently. Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) has decided to turn against Sonny. After all, she does work for the PCPD. Moreover, Sonny’s state of mind takes its toll. Someone is messing with his meds which affects his daily decisions. All of these things combined create a perfect storm for a breakdown. Who will be there to help Sonny out of his dark space?