General Hospital Spoilers: Laura’s Brothers Are More Alike Than We Think, Is Martin Working With Cyrus?!

Martin Working With Cyrus Pikeman

Is Martin Working With Cyrus?!

…Just a few short years ago, Port Charles Mayor, Laura Spencer Collins (Genie Francis) was shocked to learn that she has two half brothers. Martin Grey (Michael E. Knight) and Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober) came into her life and turned it upside down.

General Hospital Recaps: Cyrus Renault had a special request. He asked his brother Martin to give away all his money. Oddly, Cyrus claims he’s turned a new leaf. No longer does the feared criminal desire to be feared. Instead, he wants to help spread God’s word. Cyrus has always been know as the bad seed, while Laura and Martin are respectable pillars of the community.

According to GH spoilers and rumors, Cyrus is somehow involved in the whole Pikeman mystery. Understandably, learning that Cyrus has a hand in Pikeman’s shady business dealings isn’t much of a surprise. Whether you believe that he’s found God and is a new man, or you think he’s lying through his teeth, Cyrus is a known threat. However, no one would expect his brother Martin in a million years.

Is Martin working with Cyrus?! GH rumors tease that Martin isn’t so innocent. And he’s definitely not as different from Cyrus than everyone thinks.