General Hospital Spoilers: Martin Won’t Marry Lucy, Because Martin’s Still Married To His Ex!

Martin Grey’s ex wives Lucy Coe Martin and Lucy

Martin Grey’s ex wives play a role in his stance on marriage. Today, the well-known attorney is soured by past experiences. Martin (Michael E. Knight) won’t, or shall we say, can’t marry Lucy! These two lovebirds look like the kind who live in their own little bubble. Stuck in the honeymoon phase so to speak and the irony of that is that Lucy and Martin may never get it to the real life honeymoon phase.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Lucy is suspicious of Marty after his recent stance on marriage. Additionally, he’s no stranger to the married life. As with many others, Martin’s last relationships play a role in shaping who is he today. So, despite the fact that he’s been married three times before, Martin clearly had a change of heart. But Lucy’s intuition tells her that there’s something more that holds him back. He’s hiding something, and she’s gonna find out.

According to General Hospital rumors, Martin Grey doesn’t want to marry Lucy because we can’t! After all, how can you marry someone if you are still legally married to your last spouse? Apparently, GH spoilers tease that Martin is still married, and his ties to his ex wife is also his tie to The Deceptor’s 50k. While we put the mental puzzle pieces together, the details to Martin’s situation start to make sense. What if Martin is receiving money from his ex-wife? If that’s the case, that’s one good reason to stay married. Because that 50k is what’s funding Lucy’s latest product campaign.