General Hospital Spoilers: Can Lucy Make Marty Marriage Material?

Martin Gray marriage material

Is Martin Gray marriage material? …Martin Gray (Michael E. Knight) and Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) aren’t shy about their affections. They have no issue flaunting their mutual attraction for each other in public. Because of their outwardly flirty nature Martin and Lucy give “that couple” vibes. You know, THAT seemingly perfect pair who are all over each other. People can’t help but assume they just be all about each other as well.

General Hospital recaps give a brief overview of recent Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) and Martin Grey’s (Michael E. Knight) scenes. Over at the Metro Court, Martin and Lucy sit down with Sasha Gilmore (Sofia Mattsson) as she and Lucy discuss Deception. That’s when the conversation takes a subtle turn, and their playful banter shifted gears. Unexpectedly, Martin shot down Lucy’s praises for his hand in the cosmetic industry icon’s new project launch. Despite Lucy’s acknowledgment, Marty wouldn’t accept any credit for planting the seed for The Deceptor’s development.

According to General Hospital spoilers, Lucy will dig a bit deeper into what’s going on with Martin. His slightly suspicious behavior raises red flags and Lucy wants to know what she’s up against. After their conversation about marriage, Lucy is left flustered and disappointed. But mostly, she’s very curious. So, what is going on with Marty? It’s high time Lucy finds out, so she reaches out to Felicia (Kristina Wagner) for help. GH spoilers tease that Lucy wants Felicia to follow Marty around. Lately, Martin’s texts have been blowing up from his ex. What does she want? Whatever it is can’t be good, otherwise Martin wouldn’t have become so flustered. What’s Martin hiding and how will this effect their future together?

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