General Hospital Spoilers: Nikolas Knows Jake is Jason Morgan

Being the grandson of the legendarily lethal Helena Cassadine can’t be easy. In fact we know that Nikolas has been through some really horrible times as a result of being her grandson. Helena claims she acts out of love for Nikolas, and hopes that one day he will behave like a true Cassadine, but we know that she is pure evil.

Having Helena has his grandmother may actually serve as a benefit in this story line. As General Hospital spoilers and previews show, Nikolas makes a very blunt statement. Nik doesn’t really hesitate in proclaiming that he knows Jake Doe’s true identity, Jason Morgan. Nikolas confronts Helena regarding the situation with Jake and Luke Spencer. In questioning, he asks her why she chose Jake as her personal “soldier boy,” the man who she has condition to commit crimes on her behalf.

Now that Nikolas knows the truth, how soon will it be before news travels to Sam? Let us know if you think that Nikolas will keep this information within a select few, or if he will waste no time in letting Sam Morgan know that her husband Jason is alive and in the form of Helena’s science project.