Trouble In Paradise for Maxie and Nathan

It’s Valentine’s Day, but after Maxie’s confession to Nathan, they aren’t quite seeing eye to eye. Although coming clean so quickly about helping an old friend, Johnny Zacchara run from the law was out of character for Maxie, she and Nathan still find themselves at odds.

The fact that Maxie would risk the court finding out about her behavior and jeopardizing her visitation with Georgie was pretty irresponsible. Nathan also is irritated with the fact that she actually put him, as a Detective of the PCPD in a very poor position. Nathan now will lie for Maxie, claming that Johnny broke in and store her keys and cash.

The arrival of Maxie’s ex-(non)husband, and the father of her child might also put a damper on her relationship with Nathan. Spinelli confessed to Maxie that Ellie did not come along because they broke up. Apparently, she broke up with Spinelli over Maxie.

Now that Spinelli is back in town, Ellie is out of the picture, and Nathan and Maxie aren’t seeing eye to eye, will there be a Spixie reunion?

We want to know what the fans think! Do you ship “Naxie” or would you love to see”Spixie” rekindle their one of a kind love?