General Hospital Spoilers: Sonny’s Issue With Michael Is Personal

Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) is a family man through and through, standing by the side of his loved ones through good and bad. Ever since he’s been back from Nixon Falls, one of Sonny’s most recognizable traits has been buried underneath an unpredictable side of him.

General Hospital spoilers reveal Sonny takes up an issue with his son, Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell). Sonny hasn’t really been seeing eye to eye with his family. They expected him to react to Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) in a typical way, but to Carly (Laura Wright) and Michael’s surprise, Sonny isn’t handling this situation at all as they expected. Sonny is showing Nina more mercy than she deserves and Carly and Michael can’t figure out why Sonny doesn’t want her to pay for keeping him away from his wife and family.

General Hospital previews indicate that Sonny issue with Michael gets personal when he confronts him. Sonny makes it clear that he’s there on personal business. Sonny disagrees with Michael’s strategy to get revenge on Nina, causing awkward tension between father and son.

General Hospital rumors suggest that Michael can’t put a finger on my his dad has such a problem with Nina paying for her crimes, and especially the fact that Michael set things in motion. Nina’s actions are still making trouble and destroying the lives of the people close to Sonny, while he doesn’t even see it that way. Sooner rather than later, Michael is going to catch on to Sonny’s behavior and reluctancy to make Nina pay. If Michael figures things out first, will he let Carly in on this shocking revelation, or will he want to protect his mom from a broken heart?

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