General Hospital Spoilers: Violet’s Dad is Actually Who?!?!

Hayden Barnes (Rebecca Budig) waltzes back into Port Charles after being gone for so long, and keeping her whereabouts a secret from her ex, Dr. Finn (Michael Easton). Where she had been was not the only secret Hayden was hiding. Thankfully though, it didn’t take her long to come forward to Finn about having a daughter. And to the fan’s delight, Hayden also didn’t take 3 years (soap opera exaggeration here haha) to finally drop the bomb on Finn that Violet (Jophielle Love) his also his daughter. However, there is some gray area when it comes to Violet’s father.

Some may have forgotten that Hayden Barnes was married to Nikolas Cassadine (Marcus Coloma) at the time of his “death.” She is is widow, and therefore, now that he is actually still alive, he is still her husband. What does that mean for little Violet? According to General Hospital spoilers, Nikolas’ return to Port Charles will make things very difficult for Finn and his relationship with his and Hayden’s daughter, Violet, because legally, Nikolas would be Violet’s father.

Nikolas isn;t the most generous or easy going man especially when it comes to Hayden. He plays dirty to get what he wants. Although they are working together toward the same goal, (taking down Valentin Cassadine), Nikolas and Hayden are still at odds on a personal level. Does Nik have it in him to try and keep Finn away from Violet?

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