General Hospital: The Ultimate Setup

What if? That is a question General Hospital fans are constantly asking themselves and other fans on a daily basis. Social media is filled with fans eager to get to the bottom of General Hospital’s newest daytime drama. Lucky for us there are many things going on at once, keeping those wheels turning.

When we take a look at the current story line involving Patrick and Sabrina’s car accident, there are many characters to evaluate in order to try and figure out who ran them off the road. So far there was Britt, who showed up right at that moment but was cleared of any suspicion, there is Levi, who we have yet to figure out a purpose for being in Port Charles, we also have troubled Rafe, and now we have Silas, whose car was named to be the car that caused the accident when Sam and Patrick pulled up the mechanic’s files. Since we know it’s most likely not Silas, perhaps Rafe borrowed his car, and caused the accident. That result would be pretty cut and dry and what we see is what we get. But… WHAT IF?

What if Nina set this entire thing in motion? What if her resentment for Silas runs so deep that she is crazy enough to set him up like this? Nina may have set up Silas, and Rafe may actually be blamed because of his recent drug use and poor decision making. In today’s episode of GH, Nina’s physical therapist made the observation that she isn’t too fond of her husband, Silas. Nina responded with a very sinister grin and replied, “You have no idea.” That being said, it leads us to believe that Nina has a lot more up her sleeve when it comes to tarnishing Silas’ image. Not only is she trying to ruin his relationship with Sam, it seems like she is trying to ruin his life in general.

Do you think Nina has set up Silas and Rafe will end up taking the fall? Comment below and let us know how you think this will all unravel.