JaSam Baby Has Arrived!!!

Last week Samantha Morgan gave birth to her son! JaSam fans have been waiting many years for this to happen, and still hold out hope that the baby is not Franco’s and is indeed really Jason’s. There is still a lot of hope for Jason and Sam as a couple, they have been through so much, and so much has torn them apart. Jason and Sam have an undying love and I don’t think anything could keep them apart permanently. However, this last blip in their reconciliation, Jason ordering the attack on John, gets me a little nervous. When Sam finds out what Jason has done, it is uncertain if and when she could every forgive him. Not only did he order to have McBain (her friend who has helped her through many troubles), but John was going to get help for Sam and the baby, but Jason’s men slowed him down. Thus putting Sam and the baby in harms way yet again. Jason has not been acting like the Jason we know and love lately. He has always been stubborn but recently he has taken that to an entirely new level. Hopefully, with Sam being the amazing woman she is, she will be able to get passed what Jason has done to John.