Who is Levi Dunkleman’s Father?











Photo from: Zachary Garred’s Instagram @zjgarred

There has to be a deeper, more dramatic reason for Levi to be in Port Charles than Maxie and Felicia’s priceless Aztec jewels. Perhaps his extreme skills of manipulation and scheming is a lovely trait passed down from a previous generation.

In a recent interview with Michael Fairman, Zachary Garred touched on the possibility of being connected to Port Charles by his biological Father. Michael Fairman asked, “So, Mac Scorpio (John J. York) really despises Levi!  He has had him pegged from the beginning.  What if turns out that Mac is really Levi’s father?  Oh, the irony!” In response, actor Zachary Garred said, “Oh!  If I could wish to be the son of somebody it would be John J. York (Mac) who is wearing a white pink checkerboard sort of golf pants right in front of us! I love him.  Actually, that is the kind of guy I would like to have as my dad.” He later continued on to say that he is the son of someone in PC, but cannot say who.

Zachary warns that along with Levi’s new haircut also comes some new behavior.

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