The Love(s) of His Life, Who Will Luke Choose?

After the tragic ordeal that drove Luke away from so many loved ones, he is finally feeling like himself again. He is on the right track, trying to make things right with the ones he loves. His daughter Lulu, and his love, Tracy, are first on his list.

Luke is ready to spend the rest of his life with the woman who adores him, who has stood by him despite all the things he has put her through. She was there for him when others weren’t, she believed in him when others doubted him. But now, the woman who has his past, his adventures, and his children is back. Laura Spencer, the love that made television history, Luke and Laura has a chance to reinent itself. Who will Luke choose? Will Luke choose Tracy, the one he currently loves, who saw him through his hardest times? Or will he choose Laura? The one who stole his heart many years ago.

As Anthony Geary prepares for his exit from General Hospital, there will be many surprise guests coming back for the big farewell. Luke and Laura’s son Lucky (Jonathan Jackson) will return, as well as Holly (Emma Samms), and their son, Ethan Lovett (Nathan Parsons). Prepare yourself for many twists and turns, and definitely some tears.

Keep watching GH’s sizzling Summer to find out what will come of Luke Spencer and his two great loves.