Rebecca Budig Returns to GH with a Contract

RebeccaBudigThe ABC soap vet and All My Children alum, Rebecca Budig, joined the cast of General Hospital back in March of this year. She was brought on as her character was part of the Jason Morgan/Jake Doe story line. As of right now, in Port Charles, Hayden Barnes, played by Budig, holds the key to Jason’s true identity.

Sure, other people are aware that Jake Doe (Billy Miller) is actually Jason. Those people include, Nikolas Cassadine (Tyler Christopher), Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst), Lucky Spencer (Jonathan Jackson), and Laura Spencer (Genie Francis). Well since Nikolas is the original person to harbor this secret and let Liz in on it because she is in love with Jake/Jason, and since Nik is now acting like a full blown Cassadine, there’s no chance of him or Liz coming clean. Nikolas told Lucky about this so that Lucky could have peace of mind if he decided to leave town. Knowing that Jason Morgan was caring for his children, Lucky felt it was right for him to leave and let Liz be happy. Therefore, Lucky has skipped town, and won’t be back to tell for the foreseeable future. Laura Spencer overheard a conversation Nikolas was having that she obviously was never meant to hear. Although she doesn’t agree with what Nikolas and Liz are doing, she feels that it isn’t her place to reveal the truth and expose their lies.

This leaves Hayden Barnes. Hayden is the woman that Nikolas out a hit out on in order to keep her quiet. Recently, Patrick has been receiving reports of her condition, that she is waking up.

General Hospital spoilers have revealed that Rebecca Budig has already started taping for GH, and her character will return this Fall. According to Soap Opera Digest, Budig has signed a contract with General Hospital and is here to stay… well at least she’s here until her contract is up.

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General Hospital Spoilers: Little Jake Triggers Jason’s Memory

JakeLittleJakeThe revelation of the real Jason Morgan has become so over due that fans are well past the point of waiting patiently. At every turn of events, there is an opportunity for Jake to be revealed as Jason Morgan, yet those opportunities never materialize. More and more people now know that Jake Doe is actually Jason, and soon the secret will unravel.

Port Charles got a huge surprise last week when Elizabeth Webber’s son, Jake turned out to be alive. His adoptive father, Lucky brought him home. Jake had been in Helena’s custody since the accident caused by Luke. While Lucky was in town, he had a heart to heart with his brother Nikolas, which turned into another stepping stone to Jason’s true identity. Nik told Lucky that he and Liz are well aware that Jake is actually Jason. As of now, Lucky has decided not to tell Jake who he really is.

All this time fans have been tossing around ideas and theories of who could discover Jake is Jason. Elizabeth already knows and is keeping him all to herself. Fans have said Sam should figure it out since she is his wife, Sonny because he is his best friend along with Spinelli, Carly, etc. However, now there is someone else in the mix. Little Jake Webber may hold the key to Jake’s true identity. General Hospital spoilers have revealed that when meeting little Jake, Jake Doe had a flashback of playing with cars. Being around Liz’s son jarred a memory. Could little Jake be the one that brings Jake out of his amnesia? It would be quite ironic for Elizabeth, if the resurrection of her son whom she has longed to see again, was actually the demise of her relationship with his father, Jason Morgan.

We want to know what the fans think. How do you think this story will unfold?


Lucky’s Big Decision: Will He Reveal Jake as Jason?

LuckytruthNikolas may have a shred of decency left in him. After seeing Nik tell his brother Lucky the truth about Jason Morgan, maybe there is hope for him yet. What made Nikolas feel compelled to tell Lucky the truth? He told Luyxky that he wanted him to know, that no matter what his decision, the boys were in good hands. Whether or not Lucky stayed in Port Charles, Nikolas was trying to reassure him that Cameron, Aiden, and Jake, would be alright, either with Lucky, or with Jake as he is really Jason Morgan.

Nikolas is trying to rationalize his and Elizabeth’s decision to keep Jake’s identity a secret by using the fact that Sam is now with Patrick, and everyone who loved Jason has moved on. Lucky may not see things the same way. General Hospital spoilers reveal that at the end of Tuesday’s episode, Lucky was shown at Liz’s porch, ready to knock. When he saw Elizabeth, Jake (Jason), and little Jake inside playing happily, he turned away. That doesn’t mean that is the end of it. Lucky could still have a change of heart. Knowing that Jonathan Jackson is returning to Nashville makes fans well aware that Lucky Spencer won’t be sticking around Port Charles. That being said, perhaps Lucky will want Jake to know he is Jason, so that he can take care of little Jake while knowing he is his biological son.

Do you think Lucky will do the right thing and tell the truth about Jake’s true identity, or will he justify keeping the secret as Nik and Liz have?

General Hospital Spoilers: Head Writer Explains Why He Decided to Resurrect Little Jake Webber

RonCIt all makes perfect sense really. It was nothing the General Hospital writing team had planned on doing, but to them, and now to the fans, it completely makes sense in regard to Luke Spencer’s (Tony Geary) exit story. However, the lasting impact on resurrecting Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) and Jason Morgan’s (Billy Miler) son, Jake, will have a lasting impact on the people of Port Charles as a whole.

In an interview with Soap Opera Digest, General Hospital Head Writer, Ron Carlivati explains why they decided to bring little Jake back from the dead. He said, “It really was not something we were planning to do.”

Luke Spencer’s exist story had to be one for the books. Since Luke was the one who actually hit little Jake and caused his “death,” the writing team felt this was the perfect way to make Luke and Laura’s (Genie Francis) adventure to be as memorable as possible, while also leaving a great story for the rest of the town, even after Luke leaves the canvas.With all that is going on with Sam and Jason, Elizabeth and Jason (Jake), and Liz and Nikolas, having Jake be alive will stir the pot for many story lines.

For all the fans that have questioned little Jake’s organ donation, Carlivati explains, “We had to pull out a bag of tricks, and go to our go-to person, Helena Cassadine, for help, and made it work.”

So what does this mean for Elizabeth and Jake Doe? Sam and Jake (Jason)?…

Elizabeth is still hiding Jake’s true identity from him. Knowing that he is actually Jason Morgan, Liz is depriving the man she claims to love of his real wife, Sam (Kelly Monaco), and his son, Danny Morgan. General Hospital rumors speculated that Lucky Spencer (Jonathan Jackson), little Jake’s adoptive father, is on his way to inform Elizabeth of the news regarding their son. Once Liz finds out that Jake, her son with Jason is actually alive, will she finally tell Jake Doe that he is actually Jason? We think so. Judging from Liz’s past behaviors, it isn’t enough right now that Jason has a wife and son out there, but once she finds out THEIR son is alive, her whole tune is likely to change. In our opinion, we predict that Elizabeth will want the real Jason Morgan to get to know their son, little Jake and will ponder her decision to finally come clean, now that she too has a family again with Jason.

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Little Jake is Alive! Check Out Recaps of His Death, It Will Bring You to Tears

LuckyJakedeathGeneral Hospital’s Summer Stunner is no doubt one of the biggest shocks we could have ever asked for. A few years ago Elizabeth Webber and Jason Morgan lost their son when he got out of Liz’s house and was hit by a car. His adoptive father Lucky was beside himself at the loss of his son and the fact that his own father, Luke, was the hit and run driver.

These gut wrenching scenes will bring you to tears as you watch Elizabeth, Jason, Lucky, and their loved ones go through what no parent should ever have to experience… the loss of a child.

Helena has always been evil, but we have just realized her maximum capacity at evil doing. As it turns out, little Jake is not dead, in fact, he is very much alive. In this week’s scenes where Luke Spencer and Helena Cassadine said their goodbyes, she informed Luke that she has a parting gift for him. That gift, is that the grandson he thought he killed while he was drunk driving, is not dead at all. Instead, little Jake was part of another one of Helena’s evil plots to put the Spencer family though Hell.

Take a look at this amazing video recap created by a GH fan, YouTube user. It will definitely bring you to tears, and give you a little history refresher in the process. Take a look!


General Hospital Spoilers: Little Jake Webber is Alive, Who Staged His Death?

LuckyLizGeneral Hospital spoilers were spot on when we were warned that there would be a “Summer Stunner,” This Summer on General Hospital is going to heat up rather quickly. With Lucky back in town, and an awkward confrontation between him and Liz, Luke leaving Port Charles, Dante and Lulu on the fritz, Liz lying to Jake, and Sam… things are about to explode!

Lucky just told his father, Luke, that he didn’t kill little Jake, that Jake is actually alive. All this time Luke and his loved ones were lead to believe that his irresponsibility with his drinking, and his off mind-set was the cause of Jake’s accident. Who in the world would want to fake a child’s death and pin it on Luke so that Luke is guilt stricken for the rest of his life? Is it safe to say that we think it’s Helena Cassadine? As Tony Geary’s character Luke Spencer comes full circle in preparation for his farewell, it makes perfect sense that Helena would be behind such an evil plan. Since the beginning of the Spencer family, the Cassadines have been out to destroy each and every one of them emotionally, mentally, physically, and in any way possible. The Spencer family has been tortured by Helena and her psycho family for decades.


Who Took Ethan and Lucky?

EthanLuckyLuke and Laura’s adventure has barely just begun… They have to rescue Luke’s sons, Ethan Lovett and Lucky Spencer, but that doesn’t look like it will be the end of their quest. Who is behind all this drama anyway? What person in General Hospital history would want both Luke and Laura on a wild goose chase, making them suffer in fear for their children?

Luke, Laura, Lucky, and Ethan, get closer to the truth as the Summer progresses.

Remember, Anthony Geary’s last air date as Luke Spencer is July 27h. That being said, we would think it is safe to assume that this mystery will be solved by that date.

Who do you think has taken Ethan and Lucky? Could Helena be behind all that is evil when it comes to the Spencer family?


GH Summer Stunner: Could Little Jake Webber Be Alive? Check Out Why We Think So!

JakeWebberThe death of Elizabeth Webber and Jason Morgan’s son Jake was one that rocked every single resident in Port Charles, let alone all the fans. There was extreme outrage for brutally killing off a 4 year old little boy. Not only was the death of a child a huge turn of for most fans, it’s who killed him that turned the audience upside down. Luke Spencer was responsible for the hit and run accident that killed little Jake Webber.
Life hasn’t quite been the same for Liz, Lucky, Jason, or Luke since this tragic event. Since learning that Luke was going through mental trauma due to his abusive childhood, it was semi-explained that Luke killed Jake when he wasn’t in a normal state of mind.
However, there is a new General Hospital Summer Promo floating around and there are some extremely interesting hints that are dropped in a discussion between Luke and Lucky. Although subtle and obscure, there is a portion of this promo that has had fans up in arms over the possibility of Jake being alive.

In the video below, Luke says to Luke, “I know it.” With an absolute certainty to his voice, while Luke replies, “It’s impossible,” in disbelief.

Do you want to know if Jake Webber will end up being alive and possible have been another one of Helena’s evil plots this entire time? Take a look at the video and decide for yourself! Let us know what you make of it all.

General Hospital Sizzling Promo: Summer Stunner

JJreturnCheck out what is to come for the residents of Port Charles. Here is a sneak peak of what will be poppin’ this Fourth of July and beyond with your favorite characters and couples.
Check out how Sam and Patrick, Liz and Jake, and many more will be spending this holiday, and further into Summer!

Watch: Fox 4 Interview with GH’s Jonathan Jackson

EnationIn this interview, General Hospital’s Jonathan Jackson (Lucky Spencer) talks about his time at our favorite soap, GH, his current role as Avery on ABC’s Nashville, and his music career with his band, Enation.

Check out Jonathan in this interview video below.