General Hospital News and Spoilers: Kin Shriner Returns! Is He Just In Time To Help Lucy?

Kin Shriner returns to GH
Kin Shriner returns to GH

It’s always a party when Scotty Baldwin is around! It looks like Lucy is ready to let loose in the midst of some very stressful times. Personally and professionally Lucy’s got a lot going on at the moment.

First, let’s rewind a bit to mid-Spring. That’s when General Hospital star announced that his role as Scotty Baldwin has been written out of the script. You can check out the article from May 17th by clicking on the title below.

According to GH news reports, Kin Shriner returns to GH with style. I mean, it can’t get much more stylish than strolling back into Port Charles, then having Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) on his arm. Although recent GH spoilers and previews indicate Lucy is trash to party, Scotty doesn’t look like he’s really in the mood. But recent General Hospital rumors indicate that bad mood or not, Scotty’s arrival helps Lucy in her time of need.

Is Deception going to need a new lawyer to handle this intense case? Both Blair, Kramer and Tracy, Carter, Maine or ruthless business women who aren’t just going to roll over in the quart room. Besides, Jack Montgomery, attorney-at-law is representing them. Even if Scotty becomes a Lucy’s lawyer, do they stand a chance up against Montgomery?

General Hospital Spoilers: Martin’s In Hot Water, Turns Lucy Against Him

Martin turns Lucy against him
Martin turns Lucy against him

Martin Grey (Michael E. Knight) can’t keep up with his own shenanigans. He lied to Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) about the Deceptor, and now he’s gaslighting her to no end. The more she tries to give him credit for the idea, the more that Martin quickly shuts it down.

General Hospital Recaps: Moreover, Martin knew darn well that what he was doing when he leaked Blair’s business idea. Of course, his ex-wife was right. She played him like a violin and set him up to take himself and Lucy down. Blair no longer wants to pay her ex $50K per month in alimony. I mean, who would? Besides, he’s a lawyer for crying out loud. Yes, anyone would accept $50K a month from an ex-spouse. But does he really need it?

Blair’s plan to get Lucy so broke that she has to marry Martin to stay afloat. But, if those two say “I do,” then Martin won’t be living off of his Blair any longer. Additional, when Lucy finds out that Martin has been lying, gaslighting, and essentially manipulating the situation, will she want to become his bride?

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Martin’s in hot water. Apparently, his actions don’t just get under Blair’s skin, but Martin turns Lucy against him as well. Also, let’s not forget Tracy. All she wants his Lucy’s 1% of ELQ. She definitely doesn’t care about Martin. Will Martin manage to turn three women against him over this Deceptor ordeal?!

General Hospital Spoilers: Brook Lynn Throws Tracy Under The Bus, Saves Deception, Keeps Her Man, and Makes It Up To Maxie

Brook Lynn saves Deception
Brook Lynn saves Deception

Our girl BLQ is about to be in her grind. She’s about to work hard for her place in her friend’s lives. Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) really gave it to Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) after what she did resonated. The high fashion icon thought about her so-called friend’s actions and couldn’t keep quiet. So the next time Maxie saw Brook Lynn she gave her a piece of her mind.

Brook Lynn knows that what she did was wrong and she doesn’t feel good about it. But that doesn’t excuse how she betrayed Maxie, Lucy, and everyone who has worked so hard at Deception. She knows that she has to make it up to them somehow. Of course, she tells herself she can’t go back to scheming. Maxie’s right and this isn’t high school anymore. Brook Lynn realizes that now, so she decides to do something about what she’s done.

According to General Hospital spoilers and rumors tease that Brook Lynn saves Deception in the courtroom. The whole thing was one big set up that was orchestrated by Tracy and Martin’s ex-wife Blair Cramer (Kassie DePaiva). Will BLQ tell the truth in front of the judge?

General Hospital Spoilers: Lucy Turns On Sasha To Save Herself

Lucy turns on Sasha
Lucy turns on Sasha

Running a successful business means that you have to do the hard stuff in order to reap the rewards. Sadly, often times making the best decision for your business isn’t always the nicest. Some are cut out for it while others can’t set emotions aside when it comes to business tactics.

Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliot) and Blair Cramer (Kassie DePaiva) really did a number in Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring). She’s stuck between a rock and a hard place and refuses to use Tracy’s way out. Just weeks ago in Lucy and deception. We’re sitting on top of the world. Now she’s scrambling to save the company that she’s worked so hard for. And Lucy’s mind she’ll do whatever it takes.

Lucy turns on Sasha Nina Reeves

According to the latest General Hospital spoilers, Lucy turns on Sasha to save her self and Deception. To be honest, I’ve never seen Lucy as a bad guy, but now that Tracy sort of laid it all out there, I can see how Lucy’s selfish decisions have detrimental effects on others. And without a care in the world she coasts on by.

Recent GH spoilers and rumors indicate that Lucy approaches Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) regarding a sensitive issue. With all that’s going on with Sasha, Lucy worries that she’s yet another dark cloud hanging over her company. Ultimately, in her moments of desperation, Lucy turns on Sasha to save herself. She approaches Nina and says, “I’ve got to replace her as soon as possible.”

General Hospital Spoilers: Lucy Corners Martin, What Makes Blair Think Lucy Still Wants To Marry Martin?

Lucy corners Martin
Lucy corners Martin

Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliot) cooked up an impressive plan with Martin Grey’s ex-wife. Blair Cramer (Kassie DePaiva) and Tracy make a dynamic team when it comes to cunning business practices. Therefore, Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) is about to face the fight of her career.

Over at the Metro Court, Tracy and Blair go about their business as Lucy and Martin spectate. Unbeknownst to Lucy, Martin’s squeamish behavior has little to do with Tracy and everything to do with the blonde bobbed lady.

Lucy Corners Martin and He There’s No Way Out

Meanwhile, Blair the blond bobbed person discusses her’s and Tracy’s calculated plan. She’s had enough of Martin’s mooching and wants to put an end to it. So, Blair plans to push Martin down the aisle with Lucy so that his alimony stops. Despite the fact that Blair’s plan checks a lot of boxes, it’s still not a guarantee. What makes her think that Lucy still wants to marry Marty after what he’s done? And the gaslighting, don’t even get me started how Martin gaslighting Lucy. Sadly, he denies any involvement in the Deceptor as Lucy simply wants to give credit where credit is due.

It’s only a matter of time before the truth hits the headlines. It was all a setup, and Martin’s ex-wife #3 just came for what’s hers. Well, and then some.

General Hospital Spoilers: Martin Looks A Little Nervous, Doesn’t He? Blair Calls The Shots, We Were Right, Blair’s Definitely Involved With The Deceptor!

Blair comes for Marin and Tracy
Blair comes for Martin and Tracy

Oh what a shame, Martin looks so nervous. In my opinion it serves him right for how he treats Lucy. Martin Grey (Michael E. Knight) and Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) may appear to have had a solid, healthy, relationship, but his secrets say otherwise.

Port Charles has become a melting pot for fictional cities from ABC soaps. Like Jackson Montgomery (Walt Willey) from Pine Valley, Blair Cramer from Llanview is from one of ABC’s since cancelled, sister soaps. Personally, I love that ABC keeps these characters alive. They’ve been a part of our culture for so long, and shouldn’t be forgotten. I believe that General Hospital, (and Port Charles) is the perfect place to bring these names back to life. Meaning, the character and the actors who are most famous for portraying them.

Blair Comes For Martin and Tracy- The Deceptor Belongs to Blair

Previously, GH Blog shared the news with fans that Blair Cramer is Martin’s ex-wife. You know, the one who pays him $50K a month? Yeah, that one. We also predicted that Blair would have something to do with the Deceptor. And boy were we right! According to the latest General Hospital spoilers, DePaiva will share scenes with Jane Elliot as Blair Cramer and Tracy Quartermaine.

Martin stole the Deceptor from Blair

Martin stole the Deceptor?

Ok, so we know that Blair will share scenes with Tracy. That said, is Blair there to confront Tracy about the Deceptor? Or, are they working together against Lucy Coe? Still, it’s possible that Martin stole the Deceptor idea from Blair, and now she’s in Port Charles to settle the score.

General Hospital News and Spoilers: The Mystery Is Over! Kassie DePaiva’s Role

Blair Cramer is Martin’s ex-wife
Blair Cramer is Martin’s ex-wife

Spoiler Alert! It looks like you won’t have to wait for Kassie DePaiva’s GH return to find out what she’s doing in Port Charles. Instead, you are privy to the know DePaiva’s GH role prior to her arrival. So if you just can’t wait to find out what business OLTL’s Blair Cramer has in Port Charles, then keep on reading!

Previously, General Hospital Blog reported that DePaiva was set to bring Blair to PC. While fans were left unaware of the details, many put the pieces together. Blair’s purpose in PC remains the hot topic as DePaiva’s return debut approaches.

Lucy Coe and Martin Grey GH Spoilers

Let’s just say that Martin should start preparing himself as his ex-wife reveals herself as such. As GH news reports confirm, OLTL’s Blair Cramer is Martin’s ex-wife! Now, poor Lucy deals with her personal life on top of the Deception drama.

General Hospital Spoilers: Fusion and Deception- The Merger You Never Saw Coming, Erica Kane Saves Deception?

Erica Kane buys Deception from Lucy in a merger with Fusion Susan Lucci AMC General Hospital

Erica Kane buys Deception?!

…Thanks to Tracy, Lucy and Maxie found themselves racking their brains over who is behind this bogus lawsuit. Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) is beside herself with Deception’s current state of affairs. Shockingly, Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliot) revealed herself as the Plaintiff in the case against Lucy Coe and her company, Deception.

Reveal the Snake

Tracy Quartermaine sues Deception

Over at the courthouse, Lucy, Maxie, and even Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) stand by in disbelief while Tracy remains irritatingly confident. Poor Brook Lynn feels the weight of the guilt on her shoulders after Tracy blackmailed her into stealing evidence. As a result, everything Lucy has worked for could be gone. Not to mention, Maxie may not be CEO, but she has executive status. Therefore, the fate of this company will greatly impact its employees if it indeed goes bankrupt.

Erica Kane Saves Deception With Fusion-Deception Merger

The judge ruled that it’ll be 6 months before they even go to trial. In that time, Lucy fears she’ll lose her previous company. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and Deception’s fate is out of Lucy’s hands. According to GH rumors, Pine Valley entrepreneur and founder of Enchantment follows Jackson (Walt Willey) to Port Charles. Both having Boss Babe experience in the Erica and Lucy have a lot in common, as well as a lot to offer each other in the business world.

Erica’s past experiences with Enchantment spark an idea to save Deception. Back in the day, Erica’s company merged with her daughter Kendall’s start up, Fusion. In Lucy’s darkest hours, will she agree to a buyout? GH rumors hint that Erica Kane buys Deception in a merger with Fusion.

General Hospital Spoilers: Erica Kane Follows Jack To Port Charles

Erica Kane follows Jack to Port Charles Susan Lucci Walt Willey

Erica Kane follows Jack to Port Charles!

…Port Charles is becoming quite the melting pot. People (characters) from all over fictional soap opera cities seem to make their way to GH’s place to be. Unlike Nixon Falls and Beecher’s Corners, Llanview and Pine Valley are two cities from ABC’s two cancelled dramas, AMC and OLTL.

Previously, GH Blog shared the latest on who is in and who is out. According to recent General Hospital spoilers, Jackson Montgomery (Walt Willey) hasn’t seen the last of Port Charles. Apparently, Jackson and Martin Gray have a past, and Martin doesn’t seem too fond of the Pine Valley Attorne. He has unfinished business in the city, mostly likely involving Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) and Deception.

Since Walt Willey joined General Hospital as the unforgettable Attorney Jackson Montgomery, GH casting news confirmed another addition to the cast. While Pine Valley is Jack’s hometown, the next daytime star to join GH is from Llanview. It’s confirmed that DePaiva will be reprising her from ABC’s cancelled One Life To Live. Reportedly, Kassie DePaiva takes Blair Cramer to Port Charles.

According to GH rumors, it’s possible that DePaiva brings Blair to Port Charles as Martin Gray’s ex-wife. However, that’s not the only recent rumor regarding the new/familiar faces coming from other places. That being said, Walt’s GH stint stirred up old AMC vibes. But, it’s impossible to think of Walt Willey and Jackson Montgomery and not think of the iconic Susan Lucci as Erica Kane. Many believe that Erica Kane follows Jack to Port Charles! What will she possible have to do there??

General Hospital Spoilers: Port Charles Meets Pine Valley, Meets Llanview?! Blair Cramer Returns As Martin’s Ex-Wife #3

Blair is Martin’s ex-wife

Blair is Martin’s ex-wife!?!? Incoming! From Llanview to Port Charles, a familiar face pops up into town! Throw a lawyer from Pine Valley in the mix and we have a full fledged ABC Soap Opera reunion! Ok, I’ll stop reminiscing now.

…Martin Gray (Michael E. Knight) has some explaining to do. Now that Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) confronted how about the alimony, she’s also come clean about snooping in Jackson Montgomery’s files. That’s when she admitted to snooping on Martin- but with good reason. Lucy wants answers, and if Martin won’t divulge, maybe ex-wife #3 will.

General Hospital news reports confirm that OLTL star Kassie DePaiva returns to GH this September. Meanwhile, another new yet familiar face has shown up recently. All My Children star and daytime tv icon, Walt Willey, joined General Hospital as his OG AMC role, Jackson Montgomery. The golden heartthrob gets all the boomer’s hearts ticking. In fact, Walt Willey (and Tom Jones) are my late mother’s absolute favorite celebrities. I remember her swooning over Walt every time Jackson popped up around 1 o’clock!

Overall, Willey and DePaiva’s return to the screen has OG soap fans smiling from ear to ear. Moreover, recent GH rumors tease that Blair Cramer’s arrival ties into Jackson’s as they both have unfinished business with Martin Gray (Michael E. Knight).