General Hospital Spoilers: Cyrus Taunts Sonny With Clues, It’s The Perfect Distraction Thanks To Nina

Cyrus uses Nina’s confession
Cyrus uses Nina’s confession

Cyrus Renault just struck bad-guy-gets-the-upper-hand GOLD, and he has Sonny Corinthos’s wife to thank for it. Talk about a God-complex, we knew that Cyrus (Jeff Kober) was a fake but we never imagined he’d step into position.

General Hospital recaps highlight the shocking moment when Cyrus positioned himself as a Priest with a listening ear. Nina’s guilt started to rise and she felt compelled to make a charge. Or as she called it, shift. Something shifted all right, but not in the way she believes. Besides, she knows damn well she hasn’t learned from her mistakes. Nina’s past and present choices continue to harm those around her, including Sonny.

General Hospital spoilers and rumors indicate that Nina’s latest blunder makes Sonny more vulnerable to Cyrus. Now that Renault knows Nina’s secret, what will he do with the information? According to GH spoilers and rumors, Cyrus taunts Sonny with clues about Nina’s deceit. Apparently, Sonny finds small clues that lead him to become suspicious of Nina. GH rumors claim that Cyrus uses Nina’s confession to distract Sonny. If Sonny is focused on Nina’s whereabouts and behaviors, that gives Cyrus the perfect opportunity to make a move against the newlywed mobster.

Will Sonny soon realize that everything that Nina does has a devastating impact on himself and everyone he loves?