General Hospital Spoilers: Gladys Betrays Sonny- Gives Selina Incriminating Video

Gladys betrays Sonny

Gladys betrays Sonny! For the last year or so, Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) has been working tirelessly to obtain any information that incriminates his father. After a life-long, healthy relationship with Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard), Michael’s feelings for his father changed. Suddenly, they find themselves at odds over Michael’s mom, Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright), and Sonny’s girlfriend, Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros).

Thanks to Willow Tait (Katelyn MacMullen), Michael and Sonny have began to repair their broken bond. Her wish for peace could only be granted by her husband. So, he fulfilled he request and offered Sonny a truce. Moreover, Willow’s wish for peace extended to her own mother, Nina, and her new mother-in-law, Carly. If Michael and Sonny can find away to put aside their differences, there shouldn’t be a reason why Nina and Carly can’t do the same. Or, as one would thing. But it’s obvious that Nina struggles with how she handles herself in certain situations.

Too Little, Too Late?

Michael and Sonny’s truce comes after Michael already secured incriminating evidence against his father. He and Dex Heller (Evan Hofer) risked it all to betray Sonny. Now, Michael wants to play nice and Dex feels like he risked his life for nothing. Needless to say, Willow’s behind Michael’s decision to disregard the incriminating video that Dex bargained with his life for. However, there’s one thing that Willow requested that Michael hasn’t done yet. She asked him to deleted the video, but as of now that hasn’t happened. Is it too late to call a truce when Michael still has proof of his father’s crimes? I mean, what if someone gets their hands on it? In this digital age, that evidence is probably already made it’s way around the internet.

Gladys Betrays Family When She Gets Her Hands On THE Video

According to General Hospital spoilers and rumors, Michael’s secret about Sonny gets into the wrong hands. You can’t just go around trusting anyone in Port Charles. Not even family. And Gladys Corbin’s (Bonnie Burroughs) sketchy past tells us all we need to know. Rumor has it that Selina Wu (Lydia Look) is willing to take another form of payment. GH spoilers tease that Gladys betrays Sonny when she gets her hands in Michael’s video.