Will There Be Wedding Bells in Port Charles?

It seems like it’s been a while since anyone has gotten married in the busy town of Port Charles. Patrick and Sabrina may be the latest wedding but they technically didn’t even get married. Timing is a bit overdue and fans are looking forward to seeing their favorite couples dive in to wedded bliss. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case when in Port Charles. People marry for all sorts of reasons, including protection against the law, like when Jason married Brenda in order to avoid testifying in court. Or when Jax married Alexis and Ned married Chloe just to name a few.

So what will it be this time? Will Maxie Jones marry Aussie Levi Dunkleman? Rumor has it that Levi will be facing deportation due to an expired or non existent visa. Maxie is hell bent on blaming Nathan for setting the deportation in motion. Will she self destruct and choose to blindly disregard Nathan’s concerns? Perhaps she will marry Levi in order to keep him in the country. Levi seems to have quite a hold on Maxie’s thought process. It is very possible that he will play his little mind games and convince her that the two should wed.

We all hope Maxie wakes up and sees Levi for the deceitful, manipulative little control freak he really is. She really needs to surrender to her knight in shining armor, aka, Detective Nathan West.

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