General Hospital Spoilers: Nina Declares War On Sonny and Carly, and Chooses Her Weapon Of War

Nina declares war on Sonny and Carly
Nina declares war on Sonny and Carly

First impressions don’t get a second chance. For many, meeting someone or a group of people got the first time can be rather nerve wracking. Job interviews, first dates, and meeting your future in-laws are somewhat stressful events for some. That said, it’s important to make a good first impression. But what about unexpected encounters? Many would argue that even meeting someone at random holds similar notions. A future connection with a new person weighs heavily on that very first meeting. So, what’s that say about Nina Reeves, and her first impression on Port Charles?

GH recaps highlight Nina’s state of mind when she arrive in Port Charles. It’s no secret that she’d been in a coma, and they she displayed mental instability. As time went on Cynthia Watros’s character grew as the writer’s dove deeper into Nina’s personality. Soon, Nina had some redeeming qualities, but her biggest personality trait for me is who she was in her first impression in PC. You can’t forget crazy.

Fast forward and Nina’s covert craziness rears its ugly head. She’s been able to subdue her real self for a few years, but that’s good and done. Now that she’s told her last lie as Mrs. Corinthos, General Hospital spoilers and previews indicate that Nina declares war on Sonny and Carly.

According to GH spoilers and rumors, Nina chooses her weapon of war. Back in 2022, Liesl gifted Nina a Japanese Tantō. Does she have plans to use it on her enemies?